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Pros: Backup and annotate recipes, Track nutritional information, Discover recipes based on a particular ingredient Cons: Some recipe sites unsupported

Paprika is a one-stop program for managing your personal recipe collection. Anyone from home food experimenters to professional chefs in restaurants can make use of Paprika, and it is sure to economize your activity in the kitchen. Managing your collection is easily, and your recipes can be tagged and annotated for future reference.

For treasured family recipes and other data you really don’t want to lose, don’t worry: there is a backup function designed to ensure the safety of your data. Paprika is as useful to people on specialized diets as it is to food enthusiasts; you can also track nutritional information online, and find recipes by ingredient if you’re trying to eat more of a particular food.

Although it offers an easy database for cataloguing your recipes, Paprika has numerous advantages other than categorization. There are over 100 supported sites that allow you to automatically download recipes, and you can add your own personalized notes to them. Perhaps the most convenient feature of Paprika is its ingredient scaling options, where you can adjust the serving sizes proportionally to make the same meal for bigger or smaller audiences. Verdict:

Cooks of all skill levels as well as people on specialized diets absolutely have to look into this program. At only $19.95, it’s not only a timesaver but will enhance your cooking experience greatly.


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