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Pros: New redesigned interface, more iCloud integration
Cons: Integration of extensive iTunes Store

iTunes 11Apple has announced that a new iTunes is coming in October November. The iTunes is the most popular and important application for iPhone, iPod and iPad. According to Apple, the new iTunes 11 will take the years old music player and manager to a whole new level with minimalist interface and iCloud integration. As of my writing, the new iTunes has not been released. So this review will basically discuss the specifications and features of iTunes as Apple has advertised.

All the mobile devices, iPhone, iPod or iPad, they all use iTunes for syncing and transfer of contents between them and Mac OS X. When Apple released iTunes way back, it was just a music player. Then iTunes Store was integrated with it as well, as it was made mandatory for all Apple iDevices.


iTunes 11 - Album View

The new iTunes 11 has a minimalist interface as it has been completely redesigned. The new interface has no sidebars. All your music collections are displayed in square album arts. It has no other views. So Apple has advised to ensure that all of your albums have album art so that it will be easy to browse.  You can toggle between your Music, Movies, TV Shows and Apps by a drop down menu on the top left.

The iTunes Store is now deeply integrated. The track listing of an album is displayed by clicking on an album cover. It shows you the songs you have in iTunes Match and if you have not bought the entire album, then it will also shows the other tracks from that album in the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store recommendation is also displayed. It has a queuing feature so that you can create a track list.

Mini Player

iTunes 11 - Mini Player

The Apple iTunes 11 also features a new Mini Player, which is also completely redesigned. You can see which song is going to play next by clicking, Up Next button. If you don’t like that song, no problem, the Mini Player has an integrated search feature. You can search and pick a new song and that too without opening the full player.

Remodeled Store

Now Apple has remodeled the iTunes Store to look same across all devices. The complexity or simplicity of the new iTunes Store will be known when it will be released. The iTunes 11 has preview history feature which stores a list of all of your songs you have previewed previously. Just click the “Preview History” button, and you will see everything immediately.


With iCloud, you can access your contents on all of your devices. A new feature is instantly playing your download. Now you can stream your tracks while they download. No waiting, how cool? Another new feature is the saving of your current state of play of Podcasts, Movies, Audiobooks, iTunes U lessons and TV Shows. The current state of your playing is saved in iCloud, so that it can be resumed from that place on any device.

iTunes 11 - redesigned

This is the first update Apple has done for iTunes in a long time. We hope the minimalist interface will appeal to everyone. The new iTunes will be reviewed again after it will be launched. It is recommended for everyone.


  1. I dislike this new version. My library is very large (more than 60K songs) and it is barely unmanageable with this new version. More precisely, I have problems with the following items:
    – In songs view, there is no vertical scroll bar. It is hard very long to go from the top of the list to the buttom.
    – In the albums view, I haven’t found a way to display only a list of songs with no images which are taking too much space.
    – The new intelligent search is interesting from a point of view but not very functional from other. For example, if I type “The Killers Sawdust” nothing appears. I had to delete “sawdust” in my seach to get results.
    – To have to switch from one view to another (ex. songs view to albums view) to views the results in different forms makes it more complicated. We should be able to display in the same view the results for a search that contains keywords for artist and album and be able to filter it.
    – It is impossible to remove the images in the new search. To display the results with a intel i7 is very very slow nearly unacceptable.
    – You have to follow the search execution pace to write your searched keywords. This make it very long. You cannot type to fast because what you type doesn’t appear.

    The new version of iTunes is interesting but is a regression from the previous one.

    I would give 1.5 stars out of 5. Improvements are expected.

    • Hi Bruno,

      thanks for your comment. You are right, some features might need some time to be accepted or maybe even need an adjustment from Apple. But in general we really think that iTunes 11 is a great improvement.

      Take Care,


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