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Pros: The Mac Game Store is definitely going to revolutionize the gaming environment. It treats every gamer with the much sought system specs checker through which they can know for sure if its safe to buy a certain game. Similarly, customers are able to download demos, a feature that Apple’s Mac App Store doesn’t support.
Cons: To experienced gamers, the view may be that the Mac Game Store has a limited list of good quality titles as well as delay in adding new content coupled with download-relates flaws. We truly hope Apple Inc. will look into the same soon.

Mac Game StoreSome may not be aware, but it is an accepted fact that Macs are still a ways from being the gamer’s dream machine. Nevertheless, they do run games, and now Apple has dedicated Mac Game Store to take gaming to the next level.

The Graphical Interface

The Mac Game Store is a digital distribution platform meant for games only. It is designed using the Apple Store system’s sleek interface. This platform gives gamers access to the latest trends in Mac OS X games, since everything that is supported by the Mac gets added into to the fast growing distribution on a daily basis.  Consistency in updates and addition of new titles on a daily basis makes the download experience more intuitive than ever. Mac Game Store design features are eye-catching three-pane window, with the individual services being on the left whilst the right presents an expanded list of features.

If you are looking to see what the Mac Game Store delivers at a glance, the Store tab is the definite destination. If you are familiar with the Apple App store, you will quickly realize that the Mac Game Store interface is similar to Apple Solution, characterized by a reeling preview banner, which gives a visual display of the latest and most popular additions. A single click takes the user straight to game descriptions, screenshots, system requirements, and most importantly the download option.

Ease of managing purchases

For many gamers, the problem of multiple purchases especially on the same game is a common issue. The Mac Game store gives you the ability to efficiently manage your purchases online using an integrated “My Games” option. It lists your purchasing history, game demos, as well as in-progress download. Additionally, the News tab gives a detailed list of the latest game releases, reviews, latest updates, and the developer blog among other handy items.

The Mac Game Store Community is yet another outstanding feature in this release. It gives gamers access to the forum, where they can make their views heard, game polls, links to social networks, as well a very reliable chat system where gamers can freely interact and even contact administrators to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during use.

Another feature in the Mac Game Store is the Full-screen toggle on the right side of the window. However, it has a system requirement restriction whereby contrary to Mac Game Store is supported in previous releases such as Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), the Full-Screen toggle feature only works on the latest releases of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and the most recent Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Simple to use

Apparently Apple Inc. wasn’t really in desperate need to have a gaming platform exclusively for games, but is appears like the Mac game Store it is a great idea. Better than even Apple’s Mac App Store. This is based on the fact that it enables users to download and install games with a single click. By double-clicking a title in the list of downloads, the game is launched almost instantly. If industry standards are anything to go by, the Mac Game Store is the simplest gaming solution.

MacReview Verdict:

As much features as the Mac Game Store may have borrowed from existing gaming platforms, which is normal as it always happens in industry today. This gives many great benefits to the user. If you are concerned with a new product, then the Mac Game Store is worth looking into, though not to purchase everything on offer, the compatibility checker will really help. All in all, the Mac Game Store is destined to take the industry to another level.


  1. Mac Game Store is a joke! They sold me a used code for SimCity, and when I posted about it on their forum they deleteded my posts. And when i made a new thread about the issues and that they deleted my posts they deleted the whole thread and gave me a warning

    So I want to give everyone a big warning for this joke company! Be careful!

  2. THE ABSOLUTE WORST money grabbing rip off HORRENDOUS customer service I have ever experienced. Games don’t install properly and no reufnds given – DISGRACEFUL.


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