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Pros: Very nice and user-friendly interface. Feature-rich. Enhances YouTube experience. Stable and Fast.
Cons: None.

MacTubesThere’s a number of Mac applications especially built to bring enhanced YouTube streaming right to your desktop. These applications usually offer downloading videos in various formats and qualities, but there’s one application which offers a lot more. Besides tools for downloading YouTube videos, this application will let you watch them without opening your browser and you can even watch them in HD quality in a streamlined player. This application is called MacTubes and it’s already popular within Mac OS X users.

MacTubes can be used to watch YouTube videos right within this application. There’s a search bar which works just like native YouTube search bar, but it also comes with some additional features like the ability to search videos according to the country from where it was originally uploaded. When you search for a specific video, MacTubes will list you all available videos as through thumbnails, so you can easily choose the one you’d like to watch. These thumbnails will also have a small red mark which will tell you if the video is in HD (720p or 1080p), so you can know what quality to expect even without opening it. Searching takes only a few seconds and it gives reliable results. There are no annoying ads or any other distractions. Prior to watching, you can set up default settings, so the videos you watch can be automatically played in a certain quality which is a setting within YouTube you can’t use if you’re not signed up previously

Another interesting feature is that you can easily create your own playlists, so you can search the videos you’re interested in and add them to a playlist. Now you can simply relax, kick back, and enjoy your playlist. You can add videos to a playlist by right-clicking on a video thumbnail and choosing “Add to Playlist”. You can also do some other operations like reading more information on a specific video or you can even directly download a certain video to your Mac. You can download multiple files at the same time, which is also a very nice.

Downloading videos using MacTubes is very easy and you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. You can download them in different resolutions and you can even choose a file type for an output file. For example, you can choose to have your video downloaded as flv, mp4 or an HD movie (720p and 1080p).

In general, MacTubes is very stable and its performance is really fast and reliable. It takes only a few seconds to open. It also doesn’t take long to search for a specific video, or you can open a video by typing an exact URL. When watching, MacTubes will open its video player which focuses on a video by presenting a very elegant and simplified interface. When you download a file you use your local player (like QuickTime) to play it.


  1. I need a vpn in order to get on youtube so I have a vpn on my firefox and on safari I don’t. When I try to download the videos I see on youtube it can’t find them because it would need the vpn…I guess it is using safari to find the videos.

    Is there any way I could get it to go through my vpn?

  2. One review I read claimed that Mactubes changed the preferred browser to Yahoo and was invisible in the programs section. This required Apple’s help to remove. Any thoughts?


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