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Pros: Very handy
Cons: Opens Mac OS X Dictionary instead of inline dictionary.

PopClipAnyone who is using Mac OS X Lion and iOS device will know that Apple has tried to implement many features of iOS in Lion. Some people like it, and some said Mac OS should not be like iOS. When Apple implemented cut, copy, and paste feature with awesome style in iOS, it was a huge hit. Some developers from Pilotmoon Software decided to implement this style on Mac, and thus PopClip came to life.

PopClip makes the copy and paste with keyboard old fashioned. You don’t have to use it at all. Select a piece of text in any app and it appears instantly. It offers cut, copy, and paste with a single click. If you hold your mouse button for split second, paste option pops up from so that you can paste the copied content at current cursor location. It is more convenient than doing right click and selecting from contextual menu. In the app preferences, you can adjust the size of the bar according to your choice. It recognizes email addresses, file path, and also URL. Once a piece of text has been selected, you can do a web search with that string with a search icon. If it’s a URL, then it offers you to open it in the browser with a link icon. If you select a misspelled word, PopClip uses the Mac OS X inbuilt dictionary and offers you corrections. It would have been great, if the dictionary definition were inline like Apple offers, rather than opening the Dictionary app. It has an ‘Excluded-Apps’ list in its preferences, where you can list in which apps, PopClip will not disturb you. It is useful when working with graphic apps.

Now it has more than 30 extensions to choose from. The extensions add extra actions to PopClip such as Paste and Match Style, Capitalize, Delete, Notes, Lowercase, Uppercase, Reminders, Stickies, Evernote, OmniFocus, Mail, Sparrow, Twitter, Amazon, Youtube, word count, Run command and much more.

At first you might not like it, but eventually you will fall in love with the app. It saves a lot of time, if you are working with mouse and do not want to use keyboard at all. The perfect example would be, when you are use browsing only and using Magic mouse to navigate.

No doubt it is a great nifty app that enhances user experience of Mac OS X, but it has some shortcomings, which the developers should address in future updates. I would be delighted to see if the app can show word definitions without opening of the Mac OS X Dictionary app. Back when Apple introduced the copy and paste feature with beautiful style on iOS, it was amazing. No one except Apple knows why this was not to brought to Mac OS X. PopClip requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. PopClip is available for $4.99 in the Mac App Store. If you want to try the app before buying, download a trial version from its website.


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