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Pro: Cross platform, Rich feature set, Powerful
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Royal TSXWhen we talk about RDP clients for Mac, there are not many choices. Now a powerful and full featured remote desktop application called Royal TSX, that was Windows exclusive before, has landed on Mac. This will help administrators very much who had to rely on different clients for RDP.

Royal TSX is plugin based application and easily extendable. It has many important connections built in and they are constantly adding more. The connection configuration is very easy to use. You can see which plugin does what in Properties tab, so that you can enable specific plugins if you would like.

Royal TSX can manage credentials for lot of system, which is a very essential feature. Credentials can be managed by selecting credentials folder and save usernames and passwords of the remote computers. You can provide default credentials in the Connections folder so that you can access the client immediately.

After setting up the credentials, you can use it right away. All the remote desktop hosts are added in Connections folder. You can add a host very easily. Click Add, enter display name, fully qualified domain or IP address of the host, then Save and Close. This is the process if you would like to add more than one hosts. You can even duplicate a host if you another system you want to add has the same host name.

Royal TSX has other features like VNC management, Web connections, and Terminal if you have installed plugins. The Web connection functionality is useful for Sharepoint sites and admin interfaces. If you use multiple systems, you can save the configuration and sync across other platforms. Just save the Document in ‘Merge file on save’ mode and you can share it via Dropbox or SkyDrive. It is cross platform, which means that the document is compatible with Royal TS(Window) and Royal TSi(iOS).

Royal TSX uses Remote Desktop Protocol to connect to Windows computers. It uses FreeRDP as official RDP plugin with support of Network Level Authentication, TLS encryption and much more. The official Terminal plugin is based on iTerm with support of SSH and Telnet. The official Web plugin of Royal TSX uses Webkit as core and helps supports Sharepoint, System Center Web Consoles, and much more. It also can connect to Mac , Linux or Windows computers running VNC or Apple Remote Desktop. No other RDP client provides this set of features. You can encrypt your documents with password for security and it is fully supported with Royal TSX. It uses AES/Rijndael level security which is approved by NSA. Once you have secured the document with password, it will ask for the password when the document is opened.

The app supports AppleScript, so that you can automate repetitive tasks such as connecting to a specific set of connections, build reports containing specific properties of connections, import of connections from various sources.

The application Royal TSX is still in beta for Mac OS X. IT administrators, who will use it first time will see how powerful it is and provide how many features compared to Microsoft Remote Desktop and many other RDP applications. Old Windows users who are familiar will appreciate it to get it on the Mac. Also it will be available for iOS as Royal TSi which will make the sync complete.

MacReview Verdict:

If you are a user who connect to multiple system regularly or switched from Windows to mac, you will find Royal TSX extremely useful and powerful. You can download the beta version or pre-order the final version.


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