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Apple Mail 6
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Pros: Spotlight search, VIP List, Notification center support, More iCloud integration
Cons: Time Machine cannot recognize older versions.

Apple Mail 6The Apple Mail in Mac OS X Lion was redesigned and made better than it’s predecessors. In Mountain Lion, it has gone further to enhance the user experience with addition of some more nifty features.

The new Apple Mail 6.2 looks same as the Mail in Lion. Its layout has three columns with shortcuts and faded icons. It also has the same instant search field. The search field now utilizes Spotlight technology to find anything in Mail, be it is a piece of text or message. You can search for multiple names too. It also displays the time of occurrences of that finding with forward and backward buttons like Safari. It has kept the threaded view and on the top, it has buttons to reply, forward, trash or flag or to compose a new mail.

A new feature in the Apple Mail 6 is VIP. You can add people to VIP list, so that the messages from those people can be available on the top. All the messages belong to the VIPs are kept in a separate folder like a smart mailbox in the left hand side navigation pane. It’s works like labels in Google Mail. You can make a person VIP by clicking a star icon given before the name of the sender. Otherwise, if you click the name of the sender, a drop down appears and you can select them as VIPs. Apple Mail can use the VIP list as a filter option, if it is set in Mail rules.

The iCloud plays a good role in syncing the VIP list across all of your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. If you want to send anything from within Safari, a full html page, a PDF version or a Reader version can be sent to anyone you want to, using the new Mail. You can send just the page link also. You can access all of your messages in Mail from other iCloud-configured devices if you have set up an iCloud account. You can also access your Documents, Rules, Signatures, Smart Mailboxes, and Flag names on other Macs if all the devices are configured with iCloud Documents & Data.

The Notification Center has been integrated with new Apple Mail. If you have selected to notify you incase of new mails, it will display a banner that shows the sender, subject, and the message snippet. You can go directly to the message by clicking the banner. However, is only available when the Mail is running in the background. It can set separately for VIPs or for contacts or for all messages. You can even set Notification as an Apple Mail rule.

The new Apple Mail has support for Time Machine too. You can make archive of all of your mails and restore them very easily too. One thing you should take note that, the old Mail backup from Mac OS X Lion may or may not work with this version of Mail.

Most of us use Apple Mail as the default Mail client. It is simple, elegant, and professional and most importantly stable. It has lots of features, but after Microsoft brought Outlook to Mac with Office 2011, it is facing competition from it as well as from Sparrow. The Mail 6 is not a revolutionary upgrade from Mail 5, which was introduced in Mac OS X Lion. It has added some worthy features with it.


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