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Pros: Very simple and easy to use. Simplified interface, so even Mac newbies can use it.
Cons: It features less tools than Windows-compatible version, but CCleaner for Mac is under the constant development.

CCleaner screen1Mac OS X has always been known as a rock solid operating system, which needs minimal maintenance actions performed by a user. This was always one of the most prominent features when comparing Mac OS and Windows family of operating systems. One of the biggest reasons why Macs tend to keep their performance levels high over a long periods of time is that there’s a set of hidden maintenance scripts which are scheduled to run on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These actions will be performed at start-up or in the background while you’re using your computer, so most users are not even aware of them.

CCleaner screen2Even with all of the previously mentioned in mind, in order to get the best possible performance out of your Mac, there are some things you can do. Luckily, there’s a set of applications which provide you these additional maintenance tools and most of them even automatize the whole process. One of these applications is CCleaner, a well-known system optimization Windows application, which was recently published for Mac OS X.  You can find it in the Mac App Store, completely free of charge.

CCleaner screen3CCleaner for Mac is a perfect tool to erase junk files which might affect certain applications and your operating system, which could lead to decreased performance. It basically scans your system for junk files like caches and logs, and presents you a list of files and folder which could be safely deleted. By default, it scans Safari for cache, history files, cookies and download history files. Next, it scans your system for recently opened files list (documents, applications, servers and places), log files and some other unneeded junk files. It also scans applications you might have installed, by automatically scanning their directories in search for caches and logs. For example, if you’ve have Google’s applications like Chrome and Earth, they tend to store a lot of local files so you can use CCleaner to regain some disk space and to speed up these applications. You should know that CCleaner lets you select and deselect specific file types within an application. For instance so you can delete download history files in Safari, but choose to leave your internet history intact.

Besides deleting unneeded files, CCleaner also offers some other helpful tools. One of them is CCleaner’s Uninstaller which helps you uninstall an application. Even though you can delete an application by dragging it into the trash bin, sometimes you’ll end up with  hidden leftover files. CCleaner takes care of that problem easily. Some other helpful tools are ability to repair permissions and to erase free disk space. Verdict:

Overall, this program is actually quite useful. It’s very small, so you’ll download it in a second. It’s regularly updated, so you expect some new features very soon. The best thing is that it’s completely free, making it one of the must-have system utility applications.


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