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Griffin StudioConnect
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Pros: Nice and thoughtful design. Nicely positioned ports. Integration with iPad (on a hardware and software basis) is seamless.
Cons: You’ll need some third party equipment to fully utilize it, like AC power adapter for your MIDI gear.

Apple products have always been popular throughout creative industries. Almost every high-end music studio uses at least one Apple product, hardware or software. Their quality has proven to last, and just like it has always been – buying an Apple product is a very good investment.

By using Apple’s flagship mobile devices like iPhone and most importantly – iPad, musicians have been given a whole new way to record their creative moments regardless of a place they’re currently in. Just as you would expect, many 3rd party hardware manufacturers designed components which work with iPad in order to turn it into a small recording studio. These 3rd party devices were usually made for professionals from the music industry, but by introducing iPad to wider audience, these devices became popular with just about anyone.

One of these devices is called StudioConnect and is made by a well-known company who specializes in 3rd party music centered products – Griffin Technologies. StudioConnect is basically a power dock for your iPad and a pretty large one. It comes with audio in/out port, MIDI in/out, stereo headphone jack, which are all located on the back side. Front side is reserved for a large volume control button. Overall, design seems a little bit unusual and funky, but when you start using it you’ll realize that all the parts are actually in their right (and perfect) places. The dock is covered in rubber, so when you put the StudioConnect on a solid surface it will attach to it and it will firmly hold your iPad.

Griffin StudioConnect

Audio in/out port works with just about any ¼” instrument jack, like electric or bass guitar. This means that you can use it to record your music by using Apple’s Garage Band or any other iOS specially designed app. Even though there are several interesting professional apps in the iOS app store, Garage Band is certainly the most user-friendly one.
MIDI in/out port is a standard 5-pin port which could be used by a wide range of MIDI gear. You should know that by using MIDI controller, you’ll also need another AC power adapter (besides the one which is used to power up the StudioConnect). We are saying this because most of the MIDI keyboards don’t come with AC adapter, so you’ll need to purchase one.

Griffin StudioConnect

Speaking of the audio quality, it’s very clean and high. It all works seamlessly, no matter how many ports you’re using at the same time. Also, Garage Band works just right with the StudioConnect by providing you with a surprisingly functional mini recording studio. Large volume button, which is surrounded by a blue colored ring will come in handy, since you’ll surely want to fine tune the sound of your music.


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