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Pros: Very easy to use, Beautiful interface, Making digital publishing very interesting and creative.
Cons: Seems oversimplified in some aspects.

iBooks Author mainCurrently one of the biggest effort’s Apple is making is the attempt to show how the iPad and recently introduced iPad mini can deliver “printed media” much more effectively than a printed media itself. Ever since the original iPad was introduced, Apple strongly emphasized its abilities to connect readers to their favorite magazines and books. As you surely noticed, e-books can be bought from the iTunes Bookstore, while you can subscribe to magazines via Apple’s Newsstand app (on iOS devices).

Even though magazines offered great interactivity, the truth is that digital magazine subscriptions never became quite mainstream. Even though many people enjoy having their magazines and newspaper delivered in a digital format, this was always the least profitable aspect of iTunes store.

iBooks AuthorStill, Apple is working really hard to show that iPad is the perfect learning tool and the most suitable tablet for reading books and magazines. That’s why many US schools and colleges are already using iPads and we strongly believe that this trend will continue to grow rapidly, thanks to more affordable iPad mini.

Important aspect of Apple’s efforts to show how books can be distributed via iPad is showing that anyone can create e-books and easily distribute them via iTunes Bookstore. Apple has designed a software called iBooks Author, which is available on the Mac App Store, completely free of charge.

iBooks AuthoriBooks Author is a word processing software, similar to Pages (Apple’s main word processing application, which is a part of iWork bundle). Even though if you don’t have much experience with page layout design and text formatting, you’ll surely begin to feel very comfortable with iBooks Author. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly, and it also comes with some really beautiful templates. Newest version brings portrait templates, so you can also use them in addition to landscape oriented ones.

In order to create a book, you’ll basically need to add text and graphics. In addition to these you can add interactive widgets and movies. It is all “drag-and-drop” based and could be fine-tuned via Inspector, just as you would do in any other Apple-designed software.

Perhaps the most interesting parts of a book are widgets, as you’ll surely realize as soon as you purchase a book from the iTunes Bookstore, made with iBooks Author. These little widgets adds interactivity and they can make a book really interesting and almost alive. You can easily include one of these widgets: gallery (scroll numerous pictures without using extra space), media button (movies and animations), review widget (great for creating quick tests), interactive image, Keynote presentations, pop-over windows and so much more.

iBooks Author is only one of the reasons why digital publishing can be very fun, exciting and creative task. This is a typical Apple-designed product, which means that it’s easy to use, feature-rich and has beautiful streamlined interface. You should know that you can use iBooks Author for free, simply by downloading it from the Mac App Store. But in case you’d like to publish a book, you need to have developer’s iTunes account and you need to be a registered publisher.


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