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Pros: Very nice design. Quality manufacturing. Innovative and fun. Long battery life (up to 8 hours).
Cons: Speakerphone sound is usually quite low, so you’ll have to turn up the volume each time you use it.

JamboxIf you closely inspect Apple’s online store, you’ll see that one category stands out, in terms of popularity. This category belongs to those innovative 3rd party developers who are designing wireless speakers. On the first thought, you might be surprised since most of us believe that all we need to enjoy the music is our iPhone and a good pair of headphones. However, once you start using any of these beautiful speakers, you’ll soon realize what the real enjoyment in music actually is.

One of the companies who managed to design an interesting speaker, which also features some very innovative technologies and high audio quality, is Aliph. This company is already quite known in the music industry for their sound quality, beautifully designed devices, and expertise in Bluetooth technologies. One of their most representative products is a wireless speaker called “ Jawbone Jambox.”

This speaker comes in a very small size (6 inches wide/2.2 inches deep/1.6 inches tall – or 15.2cm wide, 5.5cm deep and 4cm tall) and it weighs only 1.5 pounds (approximately 680gr). This means that it’s very mobile and you can easily hold it in your hand, pocket or in your bag. Its rectangular shape and quality manufacturing makes it easy to transfer. Jawbone Jambox comes in many different colors and combinations, so if you order it via Aliph’s website you can match the colors any way you like. Also, you can choose from several textures which feature rectangular shapes, dotted or triangular patterns.


The bottom and top of the speaker are covered in rubber, so the speaker will stay in place even if you like playing those high-bass tunes. On the top you can find three buttons: two of them are volume controls, while the third is called the Talk button and is used to answer and end speakerphone calls. This button is also used to trigger a voice command which will tell you how much time you have until the battery drains. It is also used to access DialApps which are actually specially designed audio apps. Some of these are Pandora (widely popular internet radio), ESPN Radio (which lets you stream live events), iHeartRadio (depository of online US music stations) and many more. This is a very nice and innovative addition which will entertain you for a long time.

Jambox is very easy to use. The first time you switch it on, it will automatically start Bluetooth pairing mode. This makes it easy to pair it with your iPhone, iPad or even with your Mac. You can also pair several devices, which means you can play a game on your iPad and listen to a gameplay sound which will stop when you receive a call on your iPhone, if you’re using Jambox as a speakerphone. You can charge Jambox via USB cable, directly from a computer or by using included AC adapter.



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