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Pros: very neat, stylish, and easy to use, customize the text display, integrated dictionary support
Cons: limited in the number of supported file formats (either PDF or AZW formats)

Amazon’s popular Whispersync technology once again puts a smile on e-book lovers’ faces. Kindle for Mac is an enhanced version of the previous Kindle format that makes it possible to read the same e-books on multiple devices, with little consideration of the farthest page read or any of your saved bookmarks. It is now possible to comfortably read your e-books on your desktop just like you would do on your portable device.

By installing the Kindle app on your Mac OS X device you don’t necessarily need to buy a kindle device. All that is required is your Amazon account registration details and you will flawlessly read your e-books in a few minutes. Kindle for Mac design is meant to give you a flawless and efficient reading experience. The app automatically detects all the titles that you have included in your library. By double clicking on an e-book cover, it is automatically downloaded into your device.

Although e-book management in Kindle for Mac isn’t an easy task, the reading experience becomes better once you get to discover the powerful reading area.  The main reading area is phased on a 3-color mode full screen, which offers you a choice of three colors (black, white or sepia), clear text renditions, as well as brightness controls.

If you like it simple…then Kindle for Mac is for you. This app does not present any complex features, a factor that makes it very easy to use in all your portable devices. To make kindle for Mac more appealing, it is designed to blend well with all MAC OS X releases, and it becomes better in Mountain Lion’s (MAC OS X 10.8) integrated full screen feature. Kindle for Mac is “designed for the eyes” and this makes the best e-book reader in the market so far.

User InterfaceKindle for Mac by all standards the most efficient e-book reader, characterized by a very clear interface, with the main window displaying all your library’s categories on the left, whilst on the right each subdivision is shown. Initially, you will realize that all your e-books are classified as “downloaded and archived items,” and with an Amazon account you are able to arrange your collections by simply “dragging and dropping.”

The upper side of the application is various options that make it possible to arrange your e-books according to Author, Title, or the Recently Viewed items. The same window also has options such as “Shop in Kindle Store” as well as the “Recommended for you” buttons that when clicked lead to respective pages in Amazon Store.

How it works

Upon opening Kindle for Mac you are presented with the login form window in which you are required to enter the registration details you used in opening your Amazon account. After logging in, the user is presented with the FAQ page in which details such as the file format of supported items is listed. Signing up for an Amazon account is free, but it is still possible to use Kindle for Mac without necessarily having an active Amazon account.

Although Kindle for Mac doesn’t support import or export functions, it is still possible to drag and drag files into the app for viewing. The display panel gives you an allowance to change your background color. Other important features include the dictionary definition popups that highlight the meaning of words as you read through your e-book without necessarily making references in other sources. Verdict:

Kindle for Mac is a great application if only you are able to put up with the limited file formats. The limited support format aside, Kindle for Mac is without doubt a clean and efficient app, that gives readers a favorable platform to arrange, store and access their e-books. Above all, kindle for Mac offers a relaxed reading environment.


  1. Can you address privacy issues with Kindle for Mac?

    If you register it when first downloading it and/or buy ebooks for it from Amazon, does Amazon then get info on everything else you might read on it (like PDF’s of non-Amazon ebooks that you import into and then read on Kindle for Mac)?

    Does turning off all options in Preferences/Annotations and Preferences/Updates give any privacy?

    If you Deregister, do you lose all the books you bought from Amazon?

    I appreciate Amazon developing the application and don’t begrudge buying ebooks from them, but I am sure I am not alone in not wanting them over my shoulder with my entire reading list.


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