Kingston Wi-Drive
Kingston Wi-Drive
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Pro: Nicely designed hardware, Easy to set-up and use, Compatible with all mobile and desktop systems.
Cons: High-priced.

Kingston Wi-DriveDuring the last few years a couple of new trends gained attention in our digital world: smart phones and tablets became mainstream products. This happened mostly because of a popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. After the rapid and big success of these devices, and a large profit for Apple, other companies joined the race with their own smart phones, tablets, and similar innovative devices. This resulted in creating another trend: since we all have PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads now, it’s a common case that we own and use several of these devices throughout the day.

Collaboration between these became a problem which is currently trying to be solved by innovative developers and companies. Collaboration, or exchange of files between computers, tablets, and phones can be done through an e-mail or by cloud computing. However,  this takes time and can be a bit confusing for unexperienced users. Well, that’s where devices like Kingston’s Wi-Drive can solve the problem.

Wi-Drive is a portable wireless storage which could be used simultaneously by up to three users. It comes in several disk sizes: 16GB, 32G and 64GB. This is fairly small device, not much bigger than your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s used to store all kinds of files like documents, music, photos and videos so they can be easily shared with other users.

First, you’ll need to plug-in Wi-Drive to your computer to set up the initial network. It takes only a few minutes. You can use this time to transfer your files that you’d like to share, via USB cable. You can use Mac, Windows PC or even Linux OS. Then you un-plug it and take it where you want. Battery usually lasts for four hours, which means you’ll have four hours of time to share your files with others, but if you turn it on only when you actually need it (like you’ll most probably do), battery life will increase dramatically.

Files stored on Wi-Drive can be accessed using any mobile or desktop device. This means that you can use your iPhone, iPad, any other smartphone or tablet, even Windows and Mac computer to simultaneously view a certain file. You should know that you’ll need Wi-Drive application installed on a device you’re using, but that’s not a problem since you can easily download it from the iOS store and Mac App Store. The same goes for Android or Windows-powered devices. This application basically behaves like a file explorer which plays videos, pictures and music.

It’s important to say that this device uses 802.11n Wi-Fi connection protocol, which means that it can simultaneously stream files to your iOS device, while you’re surfing using Safari connected to a shared network. This is something that many other similar devices don’t have, and more importantly, this is why Wi-Drive is more expensive than other sharing stations with the same disk sizes.


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