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Pros: a button clicked and everything is changed instantly, app is free, compatible with both OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, definitely the best tweaking choice as of now.
Cons: does very little to address glitches in MAC OS X, characterized by bugs that hinder its performance. if you close the application window, you can never access it again unless you restart the program afresh coupled with few but graphical glitches.

lion designerJust by installing one of Apple’s OS X versions you are assured of the unique user-interface you’ve always wanted to have in your device. Whether it is Mac OS Lion (10.7) or the latest and perhaps most advanced Mountain Lion (10.8), still there is more you can expect your OS X to do for you; especially when it comes to the looks. Apparently, that’s the reason you are here. Definitely learn how to fully customize you Mac OS X installation-in just a few steps. Maybe at one time you have wished to change your Finder icons to their appealing old looks, that is exactly what Lion Designer does for you.

The User Interface

Many would expect that just like other design applications, Lion Designer would be presented with a simpler and less complicated UI. Nevertheless, it does give users all the necessary tools to customize OS X Lion at absolutely no cost. This app was designed in a way that it is possible to manipulate the instructions by turning them on and off; consequently making the window appears less clogged.

By just looking at the application window you can’t just conclude whether it is a two-pane interface or just a set of options which are artistically separated at one point. The presence of two tabs on the upper part of the application makes the options more visible, by making the fonts and edges more accentuated.

The left side of the application presents yet another field of customization, whereby you can comfortably make changes to your MAC OS X using Lion Designer. In this regard, it is possible to change the Mission Control background, the Dashboard background, or even the Notification Center background and make it appear like it lies on a spiral case.

It doesn’t matter how you personally perceive how Lion Designer is accentuated, but at least you can conclude that it does more in giving you power to personalize your MAC OS X interface.

How it works

lion designerThe application name is Lion designer but as a matter of fact it works flawlessly in Mountain Lion. The name is attributed to a time when Lion was the latest version in the MAC OS X platform. Although feel that the name should have been changed when version 3.0 of Lion designer was released, but that was a decision made by the designer Moritz Wette. For the sake of the review, I have run it on Mountain Lion and it works quite well although with a few glitches, but we should keep in mind it’s a donation ware.

Most of the functions in Lion designer are straightforward and it will not make sense explaining what the “change” option can do. It is pretty simple, and for the sake of newbies in the MAC platform, the “change” buttons gives you a pathway to sets of images stored in your Wallpaper library. Additionally, the option makes it possible to browse various folders in your system for use as backgrounds. If you are not happy with the customization, “Reset All to Lion Default” restores your Mac to its initial configuration. Verdict:

Costing absolutely nothing, but on the other hand offering endless customization options, Lion Designer is simply an app that you need not miss trying out. This will to some extent settle your curiosity on what everyone is talking about. If you happen to like the app, Moritz Wette will gladly appreciate your donation, although you can as well use it for as long as you want without paying for it.


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