Solar Keyboard K760
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760
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  • Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760
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Pros: Beautifully designed. Comfortable to use. Compact and light. Mac-specific features. Could be used to connect to any Mac OS or iOS device.
Cons: K760 comes with predefined functions of the F-keys, which you won’t be able to change. These functions are different than those on Apple-made keyboards, so you’ll have to do some adjustments.

Solar Keyboard K760One of the most respected Apple trademarks is the ability to manufacture beautifully designed and well-crafted hardware. Anyone who has ever owned an Apple product knows how quality they are, long lasting, sturdy and resistant to various types of damages. This is one of the reasons why these products are a bit more expensive than competitors’, but in long-term this is a good and smart investment. This is perhaps one of the reasons why 3rd party hardware manufacturing newer became quite mainstream for Macintosh products, opposite to the Windows-centered world. It’s simply too hard to make a piece of hardware which is more functional than the one which Apple already makes.

One of the companies who is trying to present Mac-specific 3rd party hardware is Logitech. This is a well-known company among the consumers, whose flagship products are keyboards and different types of a mouse. One of its latest products, specifically designed for Macs is a wireless keyboard named “Wireless Solar Keyboard K760”. This is not another Bluetooth keyboard made in white color to comply with the color of your Mac, but instead this is a well-designed and interesting keyboard which comes with some innovative features.

Since it’s made to work not only with your Mac, but also with your iOS devices, K760 keyboard is very light and compact. It’s only 11.5 inches (approx. 29cm) wide and about a half an inch (1.2cm) thick at its thickest point. This means that its more compact that Apple’s own Wireless Keyboard. It is really beautifully designed, to represent an actual Mac product. It’s small, but ergonomic. It comes colored in silver, as a base color, while the buttons are white. There’s also quite noticeable solar panel on the top, which is one of the surprising and innovative features.

K760 uses the light in the room where you’re using your Mac to charge its battery. Even if you like working in a low light conditions, solar panel will do a good job of recharging a battery. Also, battery life is quite astonishing. According to Logitech’s statements, a fully charged battery will last for three months (by using it 8 hours per day) in total darkness.

Solar Keyboard K760

Another interesting feature it that you can use K760 to connect to three devices, so you can simultaneously use it with your Mac, iPad and iPhone. You switch between these devices with a push of a button. Also, it’s very easy to pair a keyboard with a new device since there’s a Bluetooth pairing button.

Solar Keyboard K760

In general, even though this is a compact keyboard, ergonomics is surprisingly good. It’s very light which makes it portable, and the best of all is that it has a powerful battery which surely won’t let you down.


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