Mophie battery cases for iPhone
Mophie Battery Cases for iPhone
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  • Mophie Battery Cases for iPhone
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Pros: Adds a lot of extra power to your mobile phone. Nicely designed. Shape, weight and dimensions feel very nice in hand.
Cons: A little thick, but this is a consequence of their high-capacity batteries.

Mophie battery cases for iPhoneApple’s portable devices are known for their long battery life. This was always one of the important aspects in comparison to other competitive companies. Whether you’ve got Apple’s notebook, iPhone or iPad, you can surely enjoy your device for a long period of time. Still, there are some situations where even by having Apple’s own product won’t stop your device from a battery drain. These could be situations when you need to use for iPhone, for example, while working in the field and without access to power, traveling, or any other emergency moment to charge your phone. Luckily, there are some innovative companies which developed special cases for iPhone, which could significantly extend its battery life.

One of the companies who specializes in cases for mobile devices which provide additional power, is called Mophie. This company is not only interesting because of the “power cases”, but because they designed these special cases to look really nice and fit just perfectly with your iPhone. Its main products are “Mophie Juice Pack Plus” and “Mophie Just Pack Air”.

Mophie battery cases for iPhoneJuice Pack Plus offers 2000mAh (milliamp hours) of power, which basically means that it will double iPhone’s battery life. Allowing you to feel at ease when it come to battery time! This is actually a case for your phone, with the thick back side, where the extra energy is stored. Since this is not a classic phone case, it adds extra weight but Mophie managed to greatly reduce this weight. It will actually add 2.5 ounces (which is roughly 70gr) to your device, which is much less than some competitive products. It comes in variety of colors (black, blue, pink, yellow and purple) and has gentle texture which feels nice while holding it.

Mophie battery cases for iPhoneIn order to get the benefits of extra power, you’ll need to charge this case and you can do this via Micro-USB cable and the provided port. There’s also a row of four LED lights on the bottom side, so you can see how much additional power is left. There’s also ON/OFF switch right next to the light, so you can exactly control when you need additional power for your iPhone.

Juice Pack Air is a slightly cheaper version of the previously mention Mophie’s product. This is because Juice Pack Air brings 1500mAh of extra power. Still, this means that it will expend your iPhone’s battery life up to 6 hour for a talk time, 5 hours of 3G data and 9 hours of Wi-Fi use. It also charges via Micro-USB port, located at the bottom of the case, just like the previous model. Mophie Juice Pack Plus costs $100, while Juice Pack Air is $80. The main difference between these models is in the total power capacity. There are also some slight differences in design.


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