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Pros: Comprehensive photo editor. Optimized for home users. Very powerful and capable.
Cons: If you’re a first-time Photoshop user, you’ll most probably have to watch a few of PS tutorials. Otherwise, it may seem a bit confusing.

PS Elements 1Photoshop is certainly one of the most important tools in digital publishing, web design, photography, and graphic design. Of course, there are numerous other professions which are using this tool on a daily basis. Since it’s considered a professional software, it’s priced quite high, especially if you’re buying bundled pack called Creative Suite which is also a necessity in today’s digital world.

During the last couple of years, Adobe – the creator of Photoshop and Creative Suite pack, tried to offer less expensive version of Photoshop, which is created for home users. Even though this version doesn’t offer tools as powerful as those in the original, these tools are more than enough for an average basic user who would like to edit photos and prepare them for print or online publishing. This version of Photoshop is called Photoshop Elements Editor and you can purchase it through Mac App Store for $79.99. This means that it’s still a little bit pricey, but remember that PS Elements is not created only to crop a photo or to color it, since this is still a powerful software and you’ll need to take some time to learn its features in order to get the most out of it.

At first, PS Elements is quite similar to original Photoshop, but it’s obvious that it’s more user-friendly. You’ll have a set of standard tools in the vertical toolbar on the left side, while right side is reserved for various tools which could be turned on or off through a Window command in the menu.

PS Elements 2One of the biggest changes, comparing it to the original PS is the set of tabs located on the right side, in this order: Edit, Create, and Share. This is where you’ll find a lot of great features, which are all put together. Edit tab will let you automatically adjust your photos in many different ways. There are also a lot of preloaded effects which you directly apply to you photos and you can also use features to fine-tune you image. All these editing features are located within Edit tab. Finally, there’s one more very helpful thing and that’s the Guided option which explains each of the editing feature. This is perfect for new users as well as for anyone who would like to fully utilize each of the tools PS Elements offers.

You can also create many different pre-formatted photo files like photo books, greeting cards, collages and more, by using Create tab. Finally, there’s also a Share tab which lets you easily share a photo through one of most popular online services like Flickr and Facebook, but you can use create online photo album, attach a photo to an email on burn you gallery to a DVD media.

In overall, this is certainly the best and the most comprehensive photo editing solution available, for an average consumer. It’s priced at $79.99, and it is well worth it.


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