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Pros: Innovative device which solves sharing problems. Suitable for home and office environments. Very easy to set-up and use.
Cons: None really.

PogoplugDuring the recent years, we’ve seen rapid expansion of cloud storage services. Most of these are free for a basic users and they tend to offer just enough free cloud storage for an average home user. You can always buy premium packages with increased storage and sometimes increased bandwidth. Apple has introduced its iCloud service, which has proven quite helpful and successful. Microsoft has also tried to give their own cloud solution with the implementation of SkyDrive in recently published Windows 8.

Even though these cloud storage services can be a good way to share your files with friends and colleagues, there are also some other innovative solutions which might be even better option. One of these is a small device called Pogoplug.

Pogoplug is a device that is actually a sharing server, this might sound complicated at first. The best thing is that everyone can set up Pogoplug in just a matter of minutes. This device looks like an external hard drive, which needs to be connected to router via an Ethernet cable. You’ll need an actual external hard drive, even though you can purchase Pogoplug with its own storage. Note that you’ll need a storage formatted as NTFS, FAT32, Mac OS Extended Journaled and non-Journaled drive.


The next step is to visit Pogoplug’s official web site where you’ll need to set up an account. You’ll be using Web interface (which is compatible with Safari, IE, Firefox and Chore) to access files and folders on the Pogoplug device. In order to share an item or a whole folder, all you need to do is to select the files and click on the Share button. You’ll be directed to a page which will require you to invite people, which means you’ll need to enter e-mails to share files with someone. Invited people will receive an email with a link leading to a Pogoplug website, directing them to your directory. They don’t need to be a Pogoplug users to view those files.


You should know that the speed of the Pogoplug depends on your internet connection, especially your upload speeds. On the other hand, this means that you can get the most out of this device if you don’t have any download/upload bandwidth limits, since large files will surely take over your monthly bandwidth if you have a limited plan. If that’s the case, our advice is to use one of the available cloud storage services, which Pogoplug also offers (without buying the actual device).

As you can imagine, this device can be utilized in a number of situations. For example, businesses can use it to quickly transfer files between multiple computers and to keep files up-to-date. Also, if you’re traveling, you can use any computer to access your Pogoplug account to get important files. The possibilities are really endless.

Finally, a few words about the pricing options. Currently, there are three available packages. Family package costs $29 per year, Family+ is $49 per year and Family+ Pro costs $99 per year. The main difference between those is the number of users (3, 5 and 7) and offsite archival storage (100GB, 300GB and 1TB).


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