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Pros: Easy to use. Does a good job of searching and deleting sensitive data. Secure shredding.
Cons: None really.

PrivacyScanThe matters of online privacy is currently one of the most important legal questions. Most of us had the chance the read the news about the most popular websites like Facebook and Google, who had to rewrite their terms of use, and to show that they are more transparent on how much our personal data is being collected. No matter how careful you are, and most of us aren’t careful enough, you’ll surely leave a chance for a website to collect some data about you. At the bottom line, those ads you can see all around the web, which are showing your local business are doing that by collecting your location information, without your knowledge. Now, there’s something your can do about it.

PrivacyScanAs you’ve probably heard by now, Mac OS is pretty much immune to viruses. Actually, it’s not completely immune since you can still get infected with a Trojan horse, but it’s incredibly much safer than any Windows OS version. This is why you’re probably not even using a dedicated antivirus on your Mac OS X, since Safari is just enough to protect you. On the other hand, there are several file types which could be stored on your computer and endanger your privacy. PrivacyScan is the perfect application to remove those files and to guard up your personal information.

PrivacyScan is basically a scanner which scans applications which might use your personal details and which tend to leave a lot of cache files on your system. By removing those files you’ll surely notice some speed gains while using those applications.

PrivacyScanThe first time you start PrivacyScan, you’ll have to go through a Setup Assistant which will scan your Mac for those applications which tend to leave cache files. You’ll also have an option to fine-tune it’s settings and to add some applications which weren’t added by default. When you install a new application, which can be suitable for cache file scan, PrivacyScan will automatically add it.

PrivacyScan’s main window is very simple and intuitive. You get a list of applications which are going to be scanned and all you have to do is the press a button to start a scan. It should take long to complete. Now, you’ll get a report on found files which could contain your private information. Simple delete those by clicking on the appropriate button. You’ll see that those files are not only caches, but also history indexes, recent searches and internet sessions information. These are all sensitive data, so it always a good idea to securely delete them from time to time, specially before you decide to sell your computer.

Finally, there’s one more important thing to say. PrivacyScan uses up to 35-pass overwrite procedure of deleting a file, which practically makes it impossible to recover it. This is the safest shredding option available.


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