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Pros: User-friendly and elegant interface. Feature rich. Intuitive and easy to use.
Cons: A bit pricey, comparing it to other RSS readers.

Reeder iconRSS feeds are a great way to catch up on the news without wasting your time on visiting several separate websites. These feeds automatically import articles of interest, so you simply skim through and click on the one you’d like to read more thoroughly. Popularity of RSS led to rapid development of desktop and mobile applications, whose mission is to automatically download newest feeds and present them through an innovative manner.

One of the most successful RSS reading applications in the Mac App Store is called Reeder. It was first a free application, but because of its increased popularity and new features, it’s priced at $4.99. In case you really depend on the RSS feeds to catch up on the news, this application is well worth the money.

Reeder main windowFirst of all, it’s designed as a real Apple product. This means that the interface is very streamlined and nicely designed to be beautiful to look at, and the developers surely succeeded in this. The main window is visually separated into several groups, so there’s a grey “Apple bar” on the top and the bottom, containing all of the necessary buttons for social integration and application settings. The middle part is actually the window which displays categories, RSS feeds and articles which you’re reading at the moment. This is the standard interface, but you can adjust it to your needs. You can shrunk it so the Reeder only shows categories and RSS feeds. This way, full length articles will pop-up, filling out previously mentioned window. This is great for those cluttered desktops, since you’ll most likely keep your Reeder opened at all times.

The important thing to mention is that Reeder is actually a Google Reader client, which means that you can use it only if you’re using Google Reader to get your RSS feeds. This is not an obstacle because most people who like to get their news through RSS are actually using Google’s service, since it comes with some nice features. Once you start using Reeder you can make all kinds of adjustments like changing the categories, managing subscriptions and deleting RSS sources. All of the changes will be automatically synced with Google Reader.  On the other hand, if you’re currently using someone else’s computer and you make changes with your Google Reader account, those changes will be synced with Reeder the first time you open this application.

Even though Reeder is pretty much intuitive and simple, spending some time playing with its features, you’ll surely discover some which you’ll implement in your daily routine. For example, you can search for a specific news through hundreds of RSS feeds, which is helpful thing. Make sure you go through numerous Reeder’s Preferences, which lets you fine tune the appearance as well as some specific actions. Verdict:

Reeder is for sure one of the most interesting RSS readers, which offers plenty of fine tuning and a beautiful interface, for a reasonable price. This application is under constant development, so you can always expect more features to come.


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