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Pros: extensive Facebook and Twitter integration, Smart Search bar, iCloud Tab, Tab View and offline reading list.
Cons: Still there is room for improvement in various departments.

Safari - smart searchWe all know Safari is the default browser in all Mac computers and iOS devices. Most of us use it regularly rather than using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Since inception Safari has come a long way. Now it offers extensions which Apple adopted at very late compared to other browsers. Safari has a simple and minimalist interface that makes web browsing a pleasing experience. Safari 6 dropped support for PowerPC Macs and requires at least Mac OS X Snow Leopard to be installed.

Safari 6 - iCloudThe new version of Safari has Smart Search Bar similar to Firefox or Google Chrome bar, but with some more features. You can type a URL to go to the website and once entering words, it will show Top Hits, Google Search results and results from Bookmarks and History search. Apple has done a good job by unifying the URL and search bar into one. Safari 6 has a new feature called iCloud Tab. It syncs with any pages you have opened in Safari on a Mac or any iOS device. When you click the iCloud Tab, it will display a list of all the open pages from where you can choose the pages you want to open. It is very useful when you don’t want to  re-search any pages you have opened on your iDevice.

Safari 6 -tab viewThe newest version of Safari has borrowed a feature from iOS Safari. A new tab view style called Tab View has been featured, that makes navigation between open tabs visual. Also, you can activate it by doing a pinch gesture on your trackpad, other than clicking the Tab View icon. The open tab stays in the middle, the left, and right tabs are shown partially in both sides. You can select the tab by flicking it. It works like Coverflow. Safari has another feature called Reading list. It is very useful, when you want to read a webpage later. It saves the web page in cache so that you can read it without Internet connection.

Safari 6 - shareApple has taken another feature from iOS. It has integrated Facebook and Twitter extensively in Mac OS X. You can share any thing to Twitter and Facebook within Safari by clicking the Share button. The Share button has many other functions such as Add To Reading List, Message, Mail, and Add Bookmark. It also has Do Not Track feature that tells the website to not track.

Safari 6 has added some developer tools such as HTML 5 features, CSS Filters, new a Web Inspector. In response to the new developer tools, they have been lukewarm. Google Chrome and Firefox are catching up fast with it. Bad news for Windows users as Apple has discontinued Safari for it. In 2007, Apple had released Windows version of Safari. Safari 5.1.7 was the last version for PC.

Safari 6 is now pre-installed in Mountain Lion. It is lot more improved than Safari 5. Mac users will love it for sure. Facebook and Twitter integration will appeal social network users. There is still there is room for improvement. Go ahead and update to the newest version of Safari, if you have not updated yet.


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