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Pros: many extra features that nobody provides
Cons: no awareness among people unless your Mac is stolen

Undercover 5Recently one of the best security softwares for Mac OS X named Undercover has been launched with a version 5. It has got a lot better than the older versions. We will see how it fares as compared to Apple’s Find My Mac service and if it worth it to buy this.

As Apple upgraded its Find My iPhone recently, it has totally ignored the Find My Mac service. With Find My Mac service, you can view your stolen Mac computer on a map, lock, and erase them. However, you cannot see the person who has stolen it or know their identity. Orbicule’s Undercover 5 app has gone beyond these limitations and provides you whole lot more of options than Apple’s service.

After a Mac is reported stolen, Undercover starts its job. It uses your Mac’s front camera to snap the user, and takes screenshots of Mac. Even your Mac’s keystrokes are logged and send by email to Orbicule. If all the above tricks do not work, then there is another plan called Plan B that simulates a hardware failure displaying a full screen message so that the thief have to take the Mac to nearest Apple Store in order to repair it.

Google Maps is the default map for location tracking in Undercover 5. It also uses Skyhook WiFi database to search routers in that area so that the the IP address of that Mac can be matched. If the router is not listed in Skyhook database, you cannot see your mac on a map. It is must to have it listed if you want to see the Mac on a map.

The main reason of this is that the Undercover app does not use Apple’s CoreLocation service. It uses Skyhook, because it runs in the background whereas Apple’s CoreLocation can be stopped if the user wants.

It also has a web app in which you can track your Mac. It has a side bar and tabs to navigate. The map view displays a timeline in which you can view your Mac time-wise. It also has a Locate Now button to get the location immediately. The data from the Mac is registered in an interval of 20 minutes. The app has tabbed interface. The Screenshots tab shows all the screenshots it has taken, the Key Logs section stores everything the thief has typed including usernames and passwords, and much more and stores in chronological order and by application.

The app also has a report feature. It saves all the reports it gets. You can download the reports even after your Mac is recovered. You can get all the details on the undercover website.

Sure, you can locate and lock your Mac using Apple’s iCloud application and Find My Mac service if its gets stolen. Undercover provides extra functionalities such as key logs, screenshots, and photo of the thief and many other stuff that you cannot find in Apple’s free service.

Undercover 5 is available at Mac App Store for $49.99. It is nothing compared to the price of your Mac. It also works flawlessly with a little tweek.


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