Xilisoft Download YouTube Video
Xilisoft Download YouTube Video
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Pros: free, built-in browser for easier downloads, download files anonymously using a proxy server
Cons: downloaded videos are limited by a default quality setting, no built-in audio or video converter unlike those offered by similar applications

Xilisoft Download YouTube VideoAlmost all of us at one point or another access YouTube to check out the latest music videos from our favorite artist, a new movie coming out, the latest TV show, or pretty much anything that catches our fancy at that specific moment we are online.  Probably owing to a lack of time, there are plenty of instances where we wish we could simply save these videos for later. Sometimes we just cannot get enough of it after just one sitting, or a desire to be able to save them on our mobile devices for some impromptu viewing during idle wait times at the bus stop.

I have tried out quite a few programs in the past and have gotten mixed results to say the least.  Some of these applications I came across can only download music while others that can do both. Some programs might be able to download them, but after extended use or occasionally falter and more often than not, they simply are unable to give a clear explanation as to why the download cannot proceed as expected.

Thus after having tried out a number of these programs, I finally came across Xilisoft’s Download YouTube Video application which does the job with hardly a glitch.

Aside from acting as a video downloader for the Mac ( a Windows version is also available in case you are one who alternates between both systems ), it also works as a web browser from which you can access YouTube.com and search for any video.  Once you have found your preferred video and are ready to download it, you can then begin adding videos to your queue by clicking on the download button.  Unlike other offerings, you are not required to input a video’s URL to initiate your download.  However, if in case you are accustomed to doing so, that option is available just the same.  Although, with this version you can only download videos at the default quality setting provided for by this application.  For those instances where you prefer to download videos in HD, an HD version of the same application is available for download and registration albeit with a fee.

Loading and buffering media content on Xilisoft Download YouTube Video happens just as effortlessly as you would expect it to be via the application’s built-in web browser.  Pretty much all the videos I downloaded using this program played out just fine on VLC Media Player and I did not experience any glitch or system hiccup while in the process of downloading the said videos online.

MacReview.com Verdict:

If you already have a separate audio and video converter installed or someone who does not feel the need to have one to maximize the media content. Then you can download using this application, Xilisoft’s offering is arguably one, if not the best YouTube downloader you will ever hope to come across.  Give it a try, you will not regret it.


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