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Pros: Beautiful design. Compact and easy to carry. Very easy to use. Produces HD video (up to 1080p). Affordable. Many improvements over the first generation.
Cons: None really.

Contour+ video camera was first presented in a second half of 2011 and it immediately caught attention of journalists. It also achieved big commercial success once it was made available. Exactly one year later, next generation was released, named Contour+ 2. Since this was already one of the best-selling 3rd party accessories for iPhone, on the official Apple web store, it is interesting to see what a next generation has to offer.

For those who are not familiar with the original Contour+ camera, let’s say a few words. This is a small and compact camera made to be used in various “action situations”. This means that it is small enough to be used while skiing, riding a bike, a skateboarding or any other dynamic situation. Of course, you can also use it just like any other regular video camera, but its size, materials and weight is perfect for dynamic situations. What’s also interesting about this product is that it connects to your iPhone and iPod Touch through Bluetooth connection, so you can use your iOS device as a wireless viewfinder.

Contour+ 2 brings many important improvements over the first generation, which makes it even better. What’s important to say is that this generation costs $400, which is $100 less than original. This is something that we’re not used to, since newest generations always tends to keep or raise the price. Contour+ 2 is an important step forwards, where many owners who bought first generation would surely want to purchase this one as well.

New generation keeps the old shape, size and weight, which was all perfect to begin with. It is compact in size, nicely rounded and sits perfectly in a hand. Outer body is made of dark firm plastics in combination with brushed metal which holds all of the important lenses. On top, there is a well-known Contour’s slider. In order to start recording, all you have to do is to move it slightly forward. Slide it back, and you’ll stop recording. It will also beep to show it current state, and lights are also going to signalize this information. Everything is designed to allow you to instantly capture any moment, effortlessly. It also comes with ability of external microphone, external mount, and laser pointer to help orient a camera, as well as with rotatable innards.

As we said earlier, you can use Contour+ 2 with your iOS device by downloading a well-known Contour app. You can use your iPhone as a wireless viewfinder (which means you’ll get a live stream), using which you can turn on or off your Contour camera. You can also set-up different recording options, all without psychically touching your camera.

Another interesting improvement is that Contour+ 2 now comes with GPS which automatically records your location, speed and altitude. You can use Storyteller software for PC/Mac to export these videos, and this will also visualize GPS information which comes attached to a recorded material.


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