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PROS: Free of charge. Reliable and feature-rich. Does a good job with quality output.

CONS: Somewhat confusing interface.

Back at the times when I was a Windows user, I always had a problem with video converter applications. There are numerous occasions when you need to convert a video so you can send it to someone, or in case you’d like to watch in on your iPhone, iPad, PlayStation Portable and similar devices. Problem with most of video converters for Windows is that they are a synonym for malware, so in most cases you will end up with a worm or some type of spyware. Of course, you can always purchase a license for a professional software, but tends to be quite pricey, and frankly, you will only need it once in a while.

Once I switched to Mac OS X, which was also a long time ago, I didn’t have a problem with video converters, since most of this converting would happen in Apple designed iLife. Since I mostly convert videos to watch them on my iPad, all I need to do is to import them into iTunes and everything else will be completely automatic and in the background. Still, you will surely need a converter which could deal with some of the unusual video formats, and this is when you will need to find a suitable application. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about malware since you find one at the Mac App Store.

The application which we will review in this article is called Any Video Converter, which is created by AnvSoft. There is a free version, but in case you plan on using this application on a daily basis, you can purchase a license which will unlock a Pro version.

Any Video Converter is able to effortlessly convert formats like ASF, AVI, MPEG1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP3 and 3GP, for example. You can also export it as any of the previously mentioned formats, and you can also fine-tune all of the settings associated with that particular video format.

This application doesn’t only convert videos, since you can also use it to convert audio files as well as to automatically download YouTube videos and transform them into viewable format. Just like with video files, you can fine-tune output settings, so you can make sure that you’ll get the best possible quality. In case you don’t want to mess around with these important settings and parameters, you can use one of the preloaded profiles by selecting a device you want to use to view those files. This is how you can select iPad, iPhone, PSP, Windows Phone or any other popular device, and Any Video Converter will automatically adjust resolution and all other settings.

Any Video Converter comes with an interface which is quite similar to any other video converters. This means that it can be a bit difficult for a complete newbie, but you will eventually find your way around. Still, this is a free application which does somewhat complication operation, so it’s important to keep that in mind.


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