Studio headphones, Beats by Dr.Dre
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  • Studio headphones, Beats by Dr.Dre
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PROS: Nice design. Very comfortable. Premium sound quality. Exceptional noise cancellation technology.
CONS: For some, these headphones might seem a bit heavy. Possible sound leakage.

Beats by Dr.Dre is a collection of headphones, earphones, and wireless speakers which are currently one of the top-selling audio accessories. First generation of headphones was introduced to market over two years ago, and it was called Studio. From the beginning these headphones were high-end audio product which came with high-priced tag. Still, consumers and buyers were happy to have this kind of high quality headphones, so this product is still a big hit.

In this article we’ll bring you a review of a newest Studio headphones, which come with small and discrete tweaks in comparison to its original generation. They are still high-end product which comes with a price of $300. Still, this is not the most expensive product by Beats, since there is a Pro version which costs not less than $400.

Just as you would expect, Studio headphones come in a very interesting package. There is an outer box which wraps orange-colored hard box which could be opened by unfolding one side. This is how you get two halves, where each holds certain items. You will get a pair of high-quality made headphones, a manual, carrying case with a microfiber cloth, and a 3.5mm cable.

Speaking of a design, Studio headphones certainly feature a very prominent design characteristics. This means that a lot of people will simply think that they are beautifully designed, while some might have a problem with their big size and the way it wraps around your head. Nonetheless, it is clear that these headphones feature very detail-oriented design, which is just as you would expect from a premium priced product.

Construction is very stable and firm, and all of the construction parts are made of sturdy aluminum. Outer shell is made of hard plastics, resistant to damages and scratches. Manufacturing is at high level, where whole construction seems very stable, and moving parts are working effortlessly. As you can expect, you can adjust height of these headphones so they can nicely fit around your ears. Also, the audio cable, which you receive as a part of a package, is one of the best we’ve ever seen. It comes wrapped with hard rubber, and feels really nice in hand.

Speaking of performance, it is a well-known that Beats is a trademark associated with high quality audio equipment. Since this is a premium priced product, you can easily expect probably the best sound quality out of headphones. Sound is very crisp and clear, and you will hear a significant improvement over any headphones you might have used before. Simply said, it is a real pleasure listening to music using these headphones, no matter what genre you choose.

Also, it is important to say that Studio headphones feature advanced noise cancellation technology, powered by a pair of AAA batteries. You can turn in on or off easily, and is works exceptionally well.


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