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  • Bose SoundLink Air Speaker
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Pros: Affordable. Very easy to set-up and use. Quality Wi-Fi connection.

Cons: Classical design, a bit boring. Not a wireless speaker. Distortion at high volumes.

Bose is a well-known American company specialized in audio systems. This company was always popular in a regions of US market, until several years ago. Now it is in a process of building a strong reputation with international markets with its newest product, which is a portable audio system made to work with Apple’s devices via AirPlay technology. This wireless speaker is named SoundLink Air.

SoundLink Air is a next generation of a previously very popular SoundLink Wireless speaker, which is still in sale. The main difference between these two products is that SoundLink Air uses AirPlay to connect to Apple devices, while the other one uses Bluetooth so it can be used with non-Apple products as well. There are also certain sound improvements, which are mostly due to high quality AirPlay technology which streams music via Wi-Fi.

SoundLink Air features classic design, which is identical to a previous generation. Considering that many AirPlay-enabled speakers feature very unusual and original designs, seems like Bose could have invested some time in making this product much more appealing to younger customers. Still, its classic design is not a mistake.

It is made of hard plastic and features a grip located on its rear side. There are very few buttons available – only two, which are used to control the volume, and this is because you will get a remote controller. There’s also a small ribbon-like display which shows the status of your Wi-Fi network, as well as if the sound is currently muted.

On the back side you will find a 3.5mm aux input, USB port and input for the power adapter. In order for this speaker to play, you will need to keep it plugged into wall socket, which means that is not a wireless speaker. Still, you can buy a rechargeable battery as a 3rd party accessory, which will make this speaker wireless.

Even though its design is somewhat boring and classical, performance of SoundLink Air is very pleasing. It somewhat highlights bass sounds, but this feels enjoyable. Sound is clear with lower, middle and high frequencies. In case you like to play your music very loudly, SoundLink Air is capable of very loud sounds, even though you will hear a certain distortion. Any of the Bose’s sound systems are not actually high-end in terms of performance, but consumers are consistently happy with them. In case you’re an audiophile, and you really care if your investment will bring you best possible sound quality, SoundLink Air might not be for you. We’re speaking in terms of a price, which is $350, so this product is considered as a mid-range priced sound system.

All in all, Bose SoundLink Air is a decent sound system, made to work with Apple devices. Most users which will be happy with sound it produces, and it is also very easy to set-up prior to first use. For those who demand higher quality sound and who care about details, SoundLink Air might disappoint a bit.


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