Braeburn Acoustic Dock for iPhone 5
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  • Braeburn Acoustic Dock for iPhone 5
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PROS: Affordable. Quality aluminum construction. Acoustics is really nice and amplifies the sound.

CONS: Some users are complaining that Siri has a problem understanding comments through the mic channel on this dock.

Ever since iPhone 5 came out, designers and manufacturers have been working hard to make their existing products suitable for a new iPhone. As you know, the latest generation of Apple’s mobile phone changed its dimensions and introduced new Lightning port, which made obsolete all those accessories made for a previous generation.

One of the first docks which was made for a new iPhone is acoustic aluminum dock made by a company called Braeburn Acoustics. This company designs and sells acoustic docks for iPhones and iPad as well. New product was a surprise, since it came just a few days after iPhone 5 hit the market, and that’s thanks to some clever designing decisions made by Braeburn.

This dock become available so early thanks to its construction. It is made to use your own Lighting cable, which you need to put inside this dock, so that its tip becomes visible. This way you can place your iPhone 5 on top of a dock and it will connect and charge.

This DYI construction is quite simple and requires you to put your Lightning cable through a little hole and rotate it 90 degrees, so its tip becomes visible through a hole on a top. Then you need to tighten this cable by using the little screw to keep it in place. Besides this little screw, you will also receive additional screw, a soft pad which is placed around the tip of your Lightning cable so it acts as a cushion for your phone, and there’s also adhesive pad so you can firmly place this dock on your desk.

Construction is made of aluminum, and feels very strong and sturdy. All additional parts that you receive in a package are nicely designed, so it is clear that designers really made an effort to solve every possible problem. It keeps your iPhone on place and upright, so you won’t have any problems with stability. You can also stick it to your desk, so when you suddenly grab your phone, this dock will stay in place. It is also important to note that you can buy Braeburn’s dock in three colors: white, black and natural aluminum.

Braeburn was making acoustic docks for a while now, so they have experience on how to properly channel a sound to make it much louder. That’s exactly what you expect from it. Acoustics are great and sound can be really loud, while remaining clear and crisp. You can use it to listen to music, and it also helps if you’re having calls hands-free. There’s also a mic channel, so you will hear the person you’re talking to very clear, while mic channel will also successfully transfer your voice.

You can buy Braeburn’s Acoustic Dock for $25, and it is worth the money. Some will like its aesthetics, while others won’t. Still, construction is quite good and acoustic quality is really nice. It keeps iPhone firmly attached and recharges it.


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