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PROS: A fresh approach to photo effects, filtering and layering.
CONS: Features its own color profiles, which results in a photo being slightly differently colored in iPhoto or Previews. This applies only to intensity of colors.

Just as the iPad and the iPhone arrived, and once the iOS App Store appeared, photo editing applications became extremely popular. These devices offer innovative and unique way to control and edit your photos, which was very appealing to users. Most of these applications are very simple to use, and they tend to target one specific type of potential users. For example, some of them bring ability to turn your pictures into sketches, others offer ability to create collages, and there are some which offer entry-level editing and preloaded photo effects.

After Apple introduced Mac App Store, large number of these popular photo editing applications which were previously iOS exclusive, were rewritten to be used on a large screen. Most of them offer the same or very similar interface, but simply because screen is much larger on Macs, made this application look brand new.

With the popularity of Instagram, many application appeared which offered similar photo effects filtering, which could change atmosphere of a photo in just one click. In this article we’ll review probably the most successful example of a photo editor which uses preloaded effects to edit a photo. It is called CameraBag 2, and is one of the runner ups for the 2012 App of the Year award.

CameraBag 2 offers unique way to edit photos, by introducing already well-known photo effects. The main difference between this application and hundreds of others who also use preloaded effects is in the way how CameraBag 2 piles up layers of effects and offers fine-tuning for each of these layers. This gives us unlimited number of effects, which all depends on your imagination and creativity.

Once you open a photo in CameraBag 2, you’ll notice a beautiful and streamlined interface. Whole window is focused on a photo you’re editing, so it is real pleasure to use this application on large iMac displays. There’s only a small vertical bar which features photo effects, which are organized in several categories. These categories, or groups of similar effects, could be found in a very thin vertical bar on the right side of the window.

When you decide to add an effect, you can simply hover over it and a small window will appear which will show you a preview of your photo. Simply click on an effect and it will be automatically applied. Every effect comes with some tweaking options, so you can fine-tune amount of color, or strengths of shadows, or graininess, and so much more. Now, you can apply another effect on top of existing one, which creates a completely different setting. You can now fine-tune the latest layer (effect) and you can also go back to any previous layer and change its settings as well.

CameraBag 2 comes with approximately 100 preloaded effects, which means that you can play with this application for a very long time.



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