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PROS: Very comprehensive system maintenance application. Very easy to use. You’ll notice speed improvements. Resolves many system errors, in case you have them.
CONS: None.

In order to keep your Mac running at its peak performance, you need to have a certain maintenance routine. The truth is that Mac OS X comes with some preloaded operations which automatically run, in the background. These tasks are being performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Still, these tasks are not enough to keep your Mac running smoothly, and this is why there are some very popular system utilization applications which take care of those complex maintenance scripts.

One of those applications is called Cocktail, and this is one of the oldest applications of this kind, which has been around for quite some time. Many professional IT writers as well as software developers agree that Cocktail is certainly one of the “must have” applications, which will help keeping your system error-free.

Cocktail is so popular because it approaches overall maintenance from several different angles. It targets your disks and system files, on various ways. Still, it gives your sleek and elegant interface, which could be easily used even by someone who’s not familiar with how Mac OS actually works.

Speaking of disk maintenance operations, Cocktail offers wide range of scripts. It can check SMART status of your disks (which stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). It also scans and repairs permissions, which could solve a number of problems with errors in your applications and Mac OS X as well. It also allows you to enable/disable journaling, spin-down times, and Sudden Motion Sensor, which is something that only a few applications offer.

Cocktail also takes case of your system files, and it does the job surprisingly well. You probably won’t find any application which features so many different options and ways to maintain your system, all in one place. Some of these features are: running built-in maintenance scripts on demand, rebuilding Spotlight and Launch Services database, purge inactive memory, optimizing RAM memory management, modifying Time Machine settings and much more.

Besides disk and system files management, Cocktail manages files written by a user or different applications. These are various types of cache files, corrupted preferences, invisible DS Store files and more.

Finally, besides all those maintenance features, Cocktail also offers you a way to customize some settings which are inaccessible otherwise. For example, by using Cocktail you can customize look of Finder, Dock, login window and some other system service interfaces. You can also disable skeuomorphic leather skin in Calendar and Contacts, which will satisfy a lot of users who are complaining about this issue. There are also a lot of hidden settings in Safari, Mail, iTunes and QuickTime which Cocktail opens-up and lets you modify them.

It is very clear why this application is so popular, and why it lasts for so many years. We can surely say that you currently won’t find any system maintenance application which features so many different and helpful options, all in one place.

You can download Cocktail’s demo from its official website, which will run for a limited amount of time. Then, you can purchase a license for $19, which is a pretty good deal.


  1. I use Cocktail but I’m not sure if it does anything. It certainly does not clear cookies from browsers, no matter what choice boxes I check, and email inquiries to the company have not been answered.

  2. I have the same skepticism. After downloading an update to the program, to run with el Capitan.
    When I try to run it, I am immediately presented with a question, asking me if I like the program, and “click here to buy, as to enable all the features”. Logically this implies you can try the program first……..and this is a complete lie.


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