Crimson’s iPhone 5 Aluminum Case
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  • Crimson’s iPhone 5 Aluminum Case
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PROS: Interesting design. High quality aluminum. Unusual and original idea.

CONS: Adds a bit to iPhone’s length.

First iPhone cases appeared on the market right after the original iPhone was introduced. From that time, up to the latest iPhone 5, crowds seem to like these simple accessories which brought quite large profits for many companies. These cases are usually very affordable, and most people feel like this is the way to protect their investment, since iPhone is not a cheap device and since it is so beautiful it is natural to want to protect it from scratches. There is also another group of people, where I belong – I must admit, who think that cases are too invasive and completely wrap around iPhone making it heavy, bulky and almost hidden.

During the past years, I’ve found only a couple of interesting cases which I genuinely like. These are usually very light and wrap around my iPhone in a simplistic manner, so it doesn’t affect its beautiful aesthetics.

In this article you can read more about an interesting case for your iPhone, made by a well-known company called Crimson. What’s interesting about this case is that it is made of high quality aluminum and wraps iPhone around its borders only, which is very interesting.

This iPhone 5 case ($45) is made of high-class aluminum, which is used in construction of Boeing planes, according to Crimson. This means that it only weighs 0.67oz (19gr), so you won’t feel any added weight. Also, this aluminum frame is not only light, but it’s extremely sturdy and firm, and resistant to scratches and all kinds of impacts. Construction is very nice, and it clear that designers took their time to finely craft edges and other small details. It also leaves open all iPhone’s ports, speakers and button exposed, so you can use it like you normally do.

When you buy this case, you’ll get a front screen protector, a microfiber cloth and this case will come unassembled with 4 screws and a wrench, so you will have a little DIY mission. It is actually very fun to construct it, and it will fit perfectly around the edges of your phone.


As you can see from the pictures, this is not a classic case, and it leaves front and back side exposed. Even though they are exposed, they are still protected, since frame is a bit extruded out of the iPhone’s surface, so its front and back side won’t touch a surface on which you put it on. Also, you will get a screen protector, which will keep away scratches.

This case features very unusual design that you won’t find with any other case. Some people will think it’s very beautiful, while others will think that it is ridiculous, so people will either love it or hate it. I personally think that it fits nicely around my iPhone and I like its aesthetics. Probably the only thing that I had to adjust to are those 4 screws which add to iPhone’s length a bit.



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