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PROS: Innovative idea and concept. Interesting interface. Very helpful application.

CONS: None.

In order to keep your Mac running just as fast as the day you bought it, you need to do some regular maintenance. The good news is that Mac OS X already comes pre-loaded with some maintenance operations which are being executed in the background, so you won’t even notice them. Still, it is always advisable to look for a specific maintenance-oriented application which could provide you all the necessary tools in one place.

Your maintenance routine should also include reorganizing your files and deleting applications and files you don’t use anymore. This is a good thing in many ways, since this can speed up your computer, help Spotlight become much more snappy, and you will surely benefit from a larger free space on your hard drive. You can do this on your own, if you have the time and if you’re familiar with the way Mac OS X is organized. For those who would like to make this task much more fun and easier, there’s Daisy Disk.

Daisy Disk is a utility which scans your drives and shows you visually how much space is taken on your drive, by showing you sizes of groups of data. This information will be displayed through a visual circular map, which is very easy to use. When you find a file that you don’t need, you can simply use a small icon located within Daisy Disk to remove it permanently.

Daisy Disk welcomes you with a small window which shows a list of internal drives, as well as mounted external disks like USBs, FireWire and Thunderbolt drives, as well as network drives. This means that you can use this application with any hard drive and easily remove files you don’t need anymore. Welcome window will also show you how much space is occupied on each of them, and since changes are real-time, you can eject and mount any number of additional drives.

In order to begin, press Scan button and Daisy Disk will do the rest. Needed time to completely scan you drive depends on its size. 100GB of data is being usually scanned in about 10-15sec, so this process is quite fast. After that, the main window will appear.

Daisy Disk is quite simple and straightforward. You will see a circular map which will show your whole hard drive, and there’s also a vertical bar on its right side which is used to show you a legend of colors which are present on a map. Now all you need is to hover over a certain color on the map, and it will show whether those are your personal files, or perhaps music, movies, pictures, applications, or system files. All of these files are actually present on the map, but they are differently colored. So, in order to find large and obsolete files, simply dig through a group of files. Finally, drag a file to an appropriate icon and Daisy Disk will remove it automatically.

Perhaps it seems a little bit confusing on a first sight, but Daisy Disk is very intuitive and you will learn how to handle it a few minutes only.


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