Exolife battery case for iPhone 4/4S
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  • Exolife battery case for iPhone 4/4S
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PROS: Nice design. Doubles the battery life. Doesn’t affect iPhone’s weight and thickness.

CONS: None.

Exogear is a company which developed battery case for iPhone 3G/3GS which has proven to be one of the best of its kind. During the years, this product constantly developed and today the latest generation supports iPhone 4 and 4S, and that’s the battery case we are going to review in this article. We are still waiting on support for iPhone 5, but it may take a while since the newest generation of iPhone changed its size and dimensions. This case is called Exolife.

You can usually expect from a battery case to be a bit heavy and quite thick, and this is something that you just have to deal with in case you’d like to double iPhone’s battery life. Exogear was actually one of the first companies who managed to create a battery case which was very light and added just a little bit to iPhone’s length, which was, and still is a big success.

Exolife is made of polycarbonate which is very durable and very resistant to scratches and external damages. It wraps around your iPhone using its two parts, where one part is a back piece which holds the battery, while the other piece fits around your iPhone and keeps the battery in place. It fits nicely, and you won’t feel any movement or dislocation of a case. It also leaves all ports opened (headphone jack and charging port) and easily accessible, as well the volume and sleep buttons, and a hole for a camera with flash. There are two colors of Exolife: black and white, which are made to correspond to iPhone’s color.

Exolife features a small LED indicator on its back which can show how much power you’ve actually left. There is also another button, located on its bottom, which turns it on and off. It is interesting to note that Exolife turns off automatically when you’re not using its battery power, which efficiently saves some energy. When it all sums up, this is a nicely designed battery case which is trying its best to become an integral part of your iPhone 4/4S.

Besides its design, battery case should provide enough power to make most users happy. After all, you’re buying this case to make your iPhone last longer, and that’s its main role. Exolife succeeds in this by offering 1500mAh battery, which is enough to offer 7 hours of talk time, 6 hours of web browsing, 40 hours of listening to music, and over 300 hours of standby time. In practice, you’ll notice that you iPhone 4 can double its battery life, while iPhone 4S comes close to this result.

Exolife comes with mini-USB port, and the packaging also includes the cable. You can also use a single cable to charge iPhone and Exolife at the same time, which are good news.

In overall, Exolife is one of the best battery cases which doesn’t affect your iPhone’s weight and dimensions, which is a hard thing to do for this product category.


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