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Pros: Very simple, but a real time-saver. Easy to set-up and use. Becomes an important part of your day-to-day computing. Completely free.
Cons: None really.

During the last couple of years, we all witnessed increasing popularity of cloud services. There are more and more companies whose main goal is to create and sell innovative cloud packages, which should ease up our day-to-day life. We reviewed some of these companies and their services right here on, which is a good place to find some valuable information in case you’re in need of cloud storage or advanced file exchange.

Cloud computing has clearly changed the way we collaborate with each other. It is mainly used to store files somewhere on a server, so many people can download it, edit and return it back to the cloud. Then you can access edited file, and integrate it with your project. You can also use cloud storage to make backups of your important files, which is a must in case you don’t have a backup yet.

So it’s pretty much clear that cloud technology has its perks and that it can be highly useful to each one of us. This is why there are so many free and paid cloud services out there. The most popular certainly are Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Evernote. The chance that you’re using several of these at the same time. This creates a huge mess, and you need to go to several different web directories to keep up with all these files. Well, now there’s a helpful little app called Found, which productively solves this problem.

Found is a very small application, available through Mac App Store for free, which scans all your cloud computing services and keeps track of all files stored there. Then it lets you search for those files just like you would normally search for a file using Mac’s Spotlight. It is basically a search tool, which keeps track of your cloud storage.

In order to use Found, you will need to set-up all of the accounts you might possibly have. This little app supports all of the most popular services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Evernote and Google Drive, as well as Gmail attachments. You can also set-up multiple accounts of the same service. Now, simply double-click control button and a search bar will roll in from the left side of your screen. Simply start typing and results will pop-up instantly.

You will be able to see where a particular file is located and how old is its current version. Then, you can open it, or drag it to your desktop to make a local copy. You can also effortlessly use QuickLook to inspect a file, before opening it. And this is basically it.

Even though this is a very small application that you even might not even heard of, it will surely change your everyday computing. In case you use multiple cloud storages to save your files, this is the best way to search and open up a specific file.


  1. Found was an incredibly useful app that somehow went away. Mac “Search” is almost useless in locating a particular file, but Found had it in an instant. Does anybody know what caused Found’s demise and will it ever return?


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