Grove Bamboo Sase for iPhone 5
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  • Grove Bamboo Sase for iPhone 5
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PROS: Very interesting and innovative idea. Unusual materials. Ability to create your own, unique design. Feels great in hand. Protects your phone from every angle.

CONS: None really.

Cases for iOS devices were popular ever since the original iPhone was first introduced. Even though there are some people who feel like wearing a case over iPhone is unnecessary and not visually pleasing, most of us still think that case for our mobile phones is a necessity. This is why you now have thousands of different cases for your iPhone or iPad, as well as for any other mobile device.

In order to succeed in a sea of different shaped cases, you need something special, visually pleasing and innovative, so that critics and consumers finally notice you. A small company called Grove decided to offer a collection of handmade bamboo cases, which are simply beautiful, provide rich texture and efficiently protect your device. Even though Grove’s collection of cases is quite large and created for numerous devices, we’ll be focusing in this article on a case specially made for iPhone 5.

Grove’s case for iPhone 5 is simply beautiful and eye-catching. It is made of a combination of renewable bamboo and plant fiber composite which protects your phone from external damages. Bamboo is what covers plant fiber composite materials, so you basically see a wooden texture all over your phone. This case wraps iPhone on its back side and around its border, so the screen along with a home button is completely visible at all times. It feels very nice and warm in hand, and does a good job of protecting your phone.

In order to fit your iPhone 5 into this case, you will need to put together upper and bottom part of a case and stick them together. It will be much clearer how this works if you look at the pictures in this article. You will see an elegant line on a case, on its back. This is a line which separates bottom and upper part, which could be easily disintegrated. Once you click them into each other, they will stay firmly attached, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Another interesting thing about this case is that it leaves open all of the ports on your iPhone 5. This means that once you put your phone into this case, you can recharge it with making any adjustments. Same goes for listening to music, by using Earbuds port.

Probably the best thing about Grove’s bamboo case is that you can order your own, unique design. You can choose one out of tens of pre-done designs, but you can also order a customized case. It will cost you $130, but you will have a personalized bamboo case, which looks beautiful and feels nicely under your fingers. Plain case, which comes without any texture, costs $79. In case you decide to choose one of the pre-designed patters, and there are generic patterns, animalistic and uniquely artistic ones, it will cost you $100.


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