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PROS: Very useful external battery. Large capacity. Affordable price.
CONS: You need to buy Apple’s adapters to connect it to a MacBook.

It’s not novelty to have an external battery for your laptop, since there are more and more people on the go, who simply need more than those few hours of a standard battery life. Even through Mac notebooks are known for their very long battery life, there is still a huge assortment of external batteries which are able to double the time you work on your notebook. This is essential in a wide range of situations, where these accessories could be a real life saver.

One of the best known external batteries manufacturers, who is also much known in Apple world, is Hyper. This company has a rich collection of batteries for all types of MacBook notebooks, which is its standard offer. Still, there’s a new product which was just unveiled and which looks very promising. It is called HyperJuice MPB2-100.

New HyperJuice is an external battery which could be used with any MacBook computer, but it can also simultaneously recharge your iOS devices, which is something we haven’t seen before. Since there are not many devices which feature the same functionality, there’s a wide gap in the market where this product can fit and make a nice profit.

HyperJuice is designed to nicely fit with your MacBook. Even though it is external battery which is connected via cable to your computer, it is made of finely brushed aluminum which is a nice touch. It is rectangular in shape and cubic in its volume. On one side you will find several ports and OLED display. There are 4 ports, where one of them is AC plug which recharges HyperJuice, second one is for MacBook, while rest (2 of them) can be used to connect your iOS device. This means that you can simultaneously connect your MacBook and two iOS devices and recharge them all at once. OLED display lets you know how much power you’ve left, and it also show you current percentage during the charge.

HyperJuice MPB2-100 features a battery of a total capacity of 100W/h. In other words, it features roughly the same battery capacity of a MacBook Pro with Retina display, or three-times as much capacity of a MacBook Air. In other words, you will double a battery life of a Retina display MacBook, and you will get up to 6 hours, and even more, with an older MacBook.

Now, there is one important downside of this product. It costs $299, which is a pretty good price, but you need to know that you will have some other expenses. In order to use it with a Mac, you’ll need Apple’s Airline adapter ($50), or if you’ve got MacBook with Retina display, you will need MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter ($10). This adds up to roughly $360 that you will pay for this product.

This complicated situation with adapters is a result of a lawsuit between Apple and Hyper, when Hyper produced its external battery which features MagSafe adapter, which is trademarked. This is why you now have to buy Apple’s own adapters.



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