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PROS: Beautiful design. Integrated accelerometer with innovative way to answer and cancel a call. Ability to install additional applications.

CONS: None really.

If you own a mobile phone and you drive regularly, you surely own a Bluetooth headset as well. In a world of headsets, Jawbone is probably the best-known company, who could be considered as a pioneer of commercial Bluetooth headsets. In order to keep up with the trends and to keep its high position, it is expected that this company continues to show up new and innovative technologies and interesting designs as well. This is just what Jawbone presented a few months ago, by showing us its newest headset named ERA.

ERA is a Bluetooth headset which features interesting design, and very interesting technologies. Just by looking at it, it becomes clear that this not your ordinary headset. It features striking perforated plastic plate, which surrounds its inner parts. You can choose from several different patterns of this perforated outer shell, which comes layered with different materials, so some of them are discreetly black, red or white. There are four different designs.

It is clear that designers took their time to fine-tune this little device, once you pick up its package. It is very interesting to wrap it up, and to open it. It will take some time to get to its inner box, where you will find all of the documentation, ERA headset and eight earbuds so you can try them all and choose the one that feels the most comfortable. You will also get an ear-hook (or differently called, an earloop) which is used to connect headset with your ear.

You will find only two buttons, which are located on ERA’s backside (the side which faces your skin, once you wear it). One of these buttons is on/off switch and the second one is used to prepare it for pairing, which works effortlessly. You can also pair with your phone simply by shaking it a few times, which will make ERA’s accelerometer to activate and make this device able to pair.

ERA headset feels very light, so you won’t even feel that you’re wearing it. It holds accelerometer, which lets you answer calls by double-tapping this headset anywhere on its body. To cancel a call, simply double-tap again. This works really nice and feels very innovative and helpful in day-to-day situations.

Other interesting features are HD-quality sound and NoiseAssassin technology, 3.0 version.
ERA features HD sound and a 10mm wideband speaker, so you can expect clear and quality sound no matter if you’re answering a call, or listening to music. You can also use your computer to download MyTalk apps which will make this little device even more useful. For example, you can install Pandora radio and listen to your favorite radio station anytime, anyplace. NoiseAssassin is Jawbone’s noise cancellation technology which works surprisingly well.

ERA comes with a battery life of 5.5 hours of continuous use and up to 10 days of stand-by mode.


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