Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad
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  • Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad
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PROS: Innovative and interesting concept. Offers case and keyboard, all in one .

CONS: Case could be quite flimsy in some situations.

Everyone who uses iPad on a daily basis knows that it can’t completely replace a notebook computer, but it can do a pretty good job in a various number of situations. This is why there is such a wide range of Bluetooth keyboards for iPad, which are proven to be very successful and profitable for many companies.

In this article we’ll review one of the latest iPad-specific keyboards from Logitech. This company is offering Bluetooth keyboards ever since the original iPad was introduced, so it had the time to finely craft a keyboard which will bring something innovative to the market. After all, this is the only way to succeed on a market which already has to offer some notebook-quality keyboards which are specifically made for iPad.

Logitech’s newest product in this collection is called Solar Keyboard Folio. It comes with solar cells which are “able to type for two hours a day, for two years on a full charge”, as Logitech claims.

This keyboard folio comes attached to a case which protects you iPad from back and front side. It is made to wake iPad once you open the case, but this is proven to be somewhat troubled since Folio case can be flimsy in some situations. For example, it can accidentally open just a bit while carrying it in a bag, which will wake your iPad and it will unnecessarily drain its battery. One the other hand, Folio case is nicely made and it’s clear that is a very quality made product once you put your fingers on its leather coated body. In overall, this is a quality case which simply needs to be firmly placed in your bag in order to prevent it from opening. It is also important to note that the solar cells are clearly placed on its top side, which recharges the battery.

In order to use this keyboard, you will need to open Folio case, where you’ll see a keyboard on one side and a plastic bracket for your iPad on the other side. Simply place iPad into brackets, lift it up, and place it into a bracket of a keyboard. This will make your iPad stand very firmly, so you can use freely use your keyboard. Logitech also made an innovation which acts once you lift your iPad and move it closer to a first row of keys on your keyboard. Simply place iPad into new brackets where only this one row will be visible. These keys will be transformed into “media keys”, so you can watch videos or pictures and use these keys to play/pause, rewind and play next track.

Logitech has put a lot of effort into this product which is clear once you start typing. Even though it is somewhat smaller than an Apple keyboard, it is very comfortable and you will adjust to it very quickly.

Battery life is very long, and you won’t have to worry whether it will stop working at some point. It also recharges each time you close keyboard Folio case.


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