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Pros: Powerful, Does what it is meant to, Help file

Cons: Not powerful as MacPilot.

Everybody wants his or her computer to be trouble free and fast like new. However over the years, as we install hundreds or thousands of apps, the operating system seems slow. It keeps the temporary files, caches and many other files even after we uninstall the apps from our Mac. So to make it fast as before, we need to clean the unnecessary garbage from our computer. Here comes Maintenance, a tool to clean the junk and keep the operating system as new.  Maintenance is a small app, but it does lots of things from cleaning your Mac to permission repair and even execution of routine maintenance scripts.

The interface of Maintenance app is simple. It lists the important functions, which a user requires most. The interface is divided in three sections named Maintenance, Cleaning and Rebuild and they list functions respective to that category. So, you can maintain, clean your Mac and rebuild your system’s services. You just select the operation and your job will be done. It will certainly help your Mac to run a lot smoother.

The Maintenance section contains two things, permission repair and execution of maintenance scripts. The permission repair takes a long time around 15 to 20 minutes depending upon your hard disk. The maintenance scripts execute BSD scripts and these clean your log files and temporary files too. It will definitely help your Mac.

The Cleaning section has five options for various works. These are for cleaning system, application and font cache, system logs and temporary files. These things should be cleaned regularly as they take lots of space in your hard drive and may slow down your system. This section has now more importance as Macs have SSD in some models. After cleaning, you will notice that, some applications are taking more time to start. This is because, it has to rebuild the cache once again.

The final section is Rebuild. It also has five options to rebuild various things such Spotlight and Mail index rebuild, Shared cache rebuild, LaunchServices rebuild etc. It deletes the current Spotlight index and indexes once again. All these tools are very helpful in system optimization.

The application Preference window has four options. You can change the interface, behavior of app such as cleaning for all users or current user (Administrator account required), restart options, application updates. In advanced tab, there are options for S.M.A.R.T status check and also volume verification for any errors.

Maintenance app is very helpful to maintain your Mac. With its no frill interface and clear options, you can carry out many operations that includes unnecessary file removal, permission repair and many more. The execution of maintenance scripts and repair permission takes a long time, but it is worth it as your system will be lot smoother after that. It also includes a help file, which will greet you at the first start. It has clear instructions for the app. If you are new Mac user, then you should take a look at it. The app is available as free of charge and available for all Mac OS X versions from Tiger to Mountain Lion. The Mountain Lion version is in beta version, but it works well.


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