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PROS: Very useful for existing users. Gives comprehensive reports. Beautiful interface.

CONS: None.

If you ever searched for a financial-related software which could help you review your money flow, you’ve must have stumbled upon This is a website which provides financial management, like tracking bank accounts, credit cards, investments and loans. It is most popular because of its simple and intuitive interface, which presents financial information in a graphic manner, using charts and graphs. We can all agree that this way, many information seem more understandable and this is where Mint succeeded.

Since Mint was acquired by a company who develops Quicken, which is probably the most used financial management solution for Mac OS X, this website became much more popular. Now it has the ability to reach almost every US bank in order to download transactions and it also gives some features of an online banking. According to newest statistics, Mint is currently serving over 7 million users, which is a huge base.

Since is web-based solution only, it does not have a desktop client. This is mostly because web interface is accessible from every possible operating system, which gives this website a big advantage to start with. This also has its downsides, since you always need to go online and login to in order to get to your account. This is why a while ago, Mint published its desktop client which is actually a notification center of This application is called Mint QuickView and it very successful among Mint users and it was awarded by Apple as one of the Mac App Store Editor’s Choice Award for 2012.

The most important thing to say is this this is not a desktop client of This is simply a very small application which will be positioned in a status bar and which is made to give insight into your current bank balance. On the other hand, even though it seems like a simple notification app, it still gives you very detailed insight and some helpful reports.

Once you click on a small Mint icon in your status bar, a large floating window will appear. Design of this window is very beautiful and it elegantly integrates into Mac OS X. Information is presented in a graphical manner, just like you would expect from Mint. You can see your current bank balance, your credit card balance as well as detailed spending report. Below that you can find six latest transactions. This is the main window which will pop-up each time you click on an icon, or each time your bank balance changes. This is not all. You can also get several other reports like your net income, and you can also check all the budgets you’ve previously set up.

Mint QuickView is an excellent addition to, which solves the problem of going online to track changes. It delivers all of the needed information in a graphical manner, and notifies you of any change.


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