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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Very user friendly and fun to use. Seriously helpful money management tools.

CONS: Lack of online features.

Money management and personal finance applications were always popular with Mac platform. There are several well-known application developer companies who brought some of the industry-standard finance applications. This type of software can be used by home users, as well as small and medium business organizations who would like to tightly keep track on income and expenses. During the years, as the competition become even more merciless, these applications became quite powerful and packed with tons of useful features.

Just as the Mac App Store opened for business, personal finance applications become some of the best-selling apps, and that is something that never changed. Besides Quicken, which is probably the best known Mac application of this kind, there are quite a few of fresh applications which caught our attention. If you follow, you’ve had opportunity to read more about them and in this article we are binging review of one of the latest personal finance apps. It is named MoneyWiz, and comes from a small developer company called SilverWiz.

MoneyWiz is a well-rounded money management application which brings quite a few interesting features, nicely packed with beautiful interface. We’ve reviewed several similar applications, so we can say for sure that MoneyWiz brings innovative and fresh interface with fits nicely with Mac OS aesthetics. Graphic elements are nicely illustrated, fonts are modern and crisp, and you will see some well-designed curved elements which all make this application user-friendly. This was a good move, aimed to attract more potential users who tend to think that money management apps are hard to handle and who mistake them for spreadsheets.

Besides beautiful interface, MoneyWiz also offers some interesting features. First of all, you will need to set-up an account, and MoneyWiz offers ability to assist with creating various account types. Then, you will need to register your income, as well as expenses which will help generate up to date information on budgets and bills. You can also use this application with different currencies, which makes it much more appealable to international users.

After you’ve set up your account, as well income and expenses, you will see a full power of MoneyWiz. For example, you can create budgets with a very fine detailing. You can also set up scheduled income and expenses, so MoneyWiz can take these numbers in correlation to your budget. Each item in your Budgets or Scheduled categories is represented through a graphical icon, so information is easily readable, and MoneyWiz also gives simple and advanced viewing mode.

Finally, this application comes with nicely designed reporting tool, where you can fine tune all of the details which need to be took in consideration. This will create PDF or CSV reports.

In general, MoneyWiz is perfect for a home user who would like to optimize its money flow up to its smallest bits. It looks beautiful and offers some really helpful money management tools.


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