Monolith’s Wooden Skin For iPhone 5
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  • Monolith’s Wooden Skin For iPhone 5
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PROS: Simply beautiful. Natural materials and great finishing layer. Fits perfectly.

CONS: None.

Monolith is a small company which became popular with their unique product: skins which replace the back side of iPhone 4/4S with a wooden plate. Even though it might sound strange, this wooden skin is probably the best looking skin for my phone that I’ve ever had pleasure to hold in my hand. It is made of high quality wood, covered in natural oils, and gives you a sense of luxury. There are hundreds of wooden cases for iPhone, where some of them look really nice, but they all have similar problem: they looked and felt cheap, and that’s because they are usually made of wooden leftovers. Monolith was the first manufacturer who turned to high quality materials and special hand-made finishes.

When iPhone 5 arrived, this made Monolith’s skins obsolete. It also presented a big problem for this manufacturer, since new iPhone did not only change dimensions, but it also made impossible to replace its back. Still, designers found a way around it, mostly thanks to Apple’s design which made iPhone 5 unbelievable thin. Now instead of replacing its back, Monolith says that you can simply put a new skin over the existing back plate, by adding just a fraction of thickness. And that’s exactly how it is in practice. Wooden skins are extremely thin, but they feel very sturdy and firm.

I was impressed with Monolith’s wooden skin from the moment I saw its packaging. It comes in elegant packaging, which is actually a paper sleeve from where you can pull out a wooden skin that comes in cardboard used to help with the installation. All you need to do is put your iPhone 5 into cut-out cardboard pane, and simply press down new skin which will adhere perfectly. This installation is very simple, and it is nice to see that designers took their time to finely craft not only the product, but also its packaging and installation process.

Just as it is easy to install it, you can also remove it by simply peeling it off. But during the use, this mask will remain in place perfectly because of adhesive tape used by Monolith. It is semi-permanent and once you decide to remove it, simply peel it and it won’t leave any remaining residue. In case there’s some residue left, you can wipe it off with some alcohol.

New skins fit your iPhone perfectly, and it doesn’t add to its thickness. It feels really nice in hand, and someone who doesn’t know how iPhone’s back plate looks like, it may seem like a factory setting. Used materials are beautiful, and have a very nice texture. Finishing layer is hand-made and covered in natural oils, eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can choose from several woods like maple, teak, walnut, wenge, and zebrawood.

In case you’re searching for a wooden back plate for your iPhone, which fits perfectly, feels great in hand and is made of quality wood, Monolith’s skin selection is the best choice. You can order it for $20.


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