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PROS: Very innovative and fun to use. Does the job surprisingly well.

CONS: None.

Since Apple’s products are currently so popular, it is not surprising to see how much 3rd party accessories are being designed and made for them. Most of these accessories are made for iPhone and iPad, since people tend to like to invest more in these devices. To succeed in a sea of different accessories, a product needs to stand out and capture the attention of potential users. Some products tend to deliver unique design, others are there simply to protect your device from scratches and damages, while there are also those who enhance some of the iPad’s and iPhone’s uses.

It is clear that there are some very creative designers and developers, since once in a while we find out about an accessory which surprises us. One of these products is called Olloclip, and this is actually an iPhone camera lens kit.

Olloclip is an add-on for your iPhone’s camera, which changes the way your phone captures photos. Even though iPhone features very quality camera technology, Olloclip simply adds three new external lenses which enhance the way iPhone captures images. These additional lenses are a fish-eye lens, a macro lens, and finally a wide angle lens.

In order to use this little accessory, you simply need to put it over your iPhone, or to be exact – you need to put it over the upper right corner so it can cover iPhone’s camera. You can place Olloclip any way around, since on the front side you’ll find fish-eye lens, while the back side features wide angle lens. This means that you simply need to turn Olloclip according to which lens you want to use. Wide angle lens also features macro lens, which is very use to use. All you have to do is twist it one way for one effect, and twist it other way or remove it to get the other effect.

When you buy Olloclip you will get Olloclip adapter with three lenses, lens cap, as well as a carrying case which could be also used as a cleaning cloth. It is nice to have a case, so you can put Olloclip on a safe place, avoiding scratches.

Now, a few words on Olloclip’s performance. Once you have it in your hand, you will surely wonder whether this small lens kit can actually make a difference in comparison to original iPhone camera shot. But the truth is that Olloclip dramatically changes your photos, so you will be surely surprised. Wide angle and fish-eye lenses capture so much more content that it’s actually astonishing. Once you try it for the first time, you will use it over and over again. Macro lens also does a good job, where you clearly see a difference if you compare it with iPhone’s original macro settings.

Another interesting thing is that you can download OlloCorrect for your iPhone, to edit and improve photos taken by Olloclip. This camera lens kit costs $70.



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