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Pros: Nice interface. Simplified workflow. Comes with more than a 100 of pre-designed themes. Integrates nicely with iLife’s library of photos, videos and audio files.

Cons: Interface could be a bit more polished. It is feature-rich, but sometimes you need to dig deep in order to find a certain setting.

Mac OS X was always a fertile ground for numerous creative applications which could easily create movies and edit pictures. This is mostly due to preloaded Apple’s iLife suite, which features all of the applications that you might possibly use as a home user with extensive library or pictures, music, and videos. This also made 3rd party developers to come up with their own ideas of a simple application which could be used to create innovative and professional-looking content. One of these applications is called PulpMotion.

PulpMotion is a slideshow creator, which is quite different from standard presentation-style software like Apple’s Keynote or Microsoft’s PowerPoint. By using PulpMotion, you can easily create a video presentation simply by inserting bunch of photos and videos into pre-designed theme, and then fine-tune all of the settings and finally, you can export that slideshow as a movie.

One of the main strengths of this application is that it utilizes pre-designed themes, so the most work on your presentation is already finished. Depending on which edition of PulpMotion you decide to purchase (there is a Standard and an Advanced edition), you will get up to 150 themes which are ready to be used. Most of these themes look quite professional and they can be considered as a background for a movie. So no matter what theme you choose, you can change its settings like colors, timing of animation segments, change textures of a scene, add new transitions and much more.

Speaking of PulpMotion’s interface, it resembles iMovie’s interface. You will get a preview screen, which will occupy a quarter or a window. Symmetrically to preview window, you will see a window which holds all of the options, ability to insert photos, music and videos. A bottom part, which occupies half of a screen is actually a time-frame where you add images and videos, music and all other aspects. Then, you can choose transitions and edit length of an audio file just like you would do if you were working in iMovie. Still, iMovie has a very polished and elegant interface which simply looks better than the one on PulpMotion. Still, it is nicely organized and you will get used to it very quickly.

After you’ve finished creating your video presentation, you can choose to export it or you can directly upload it to some of the most commonly used online video services. In case you’ve got a bit more powerful Mac, you can choose to export your movie in HD format which features anti-flickering feature which will produce high quality resolution.

You can purchase PulpMotion from the Mac App Store in two editions. Standard edition costs $50, while Advances comes with a price tag of $130. You can also get a demo version, which is something we strongly recommend, so you can see if this application will be the best choice for you.


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