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PROS: Incredibly capable application. Offers tons of useful features, all in one user-friendly package. Affordable.

Cons: None really.

As you probably know, screen capturing is a technique used to record your screen while you’re performing certain operations so you can export it as a video. This technique became and is still very popular since YouTube became mainstream media for watching and exchanging videos. By using a screen capture, you can review a software, create presentations of your project, application or a web site, or you can record a video lesson, so you can easily upload it to web. As you can see, there is a wide range of possible situations, were screen capturing can be useful.

Now, in order to record this type of video, you need a specialized software since this is not a feature that you can find built into any operating system. For Mac OS X, there is ScreenFlow which is certainly the most used screen capturing software, which comes with some essential editing and sharing features as well. Newest version is called ScreenFlow 4 and you can purchase it using Mac App Store for $100, which is really affordable if you consider all of the features it offers.

Basically, ScreenFlow is created to be used to record a video, edit it and share it online.
In order to record a video, or to do a screen capture, all you have to do is to start ScreenFlow and choose camera and microphone. If you don’t choose any camera, ScreenFlow will record your activities visible on a screen, but you can also use it to record a video using any external camera. This is particularly helpful in case you’re doing hardware and software reviews, so you can easily transition between these two projects. You can pause recording at any time and effortlessly resume, and you can also set-up a timer which is a new feature found in ScreenFlow 4.

Recording is quite effortless and we haven’t encountered any problems. This application uses most of the video encoding technologies found in Mac OS X, such as Core Animation, Quartz Composer, Core Image & Audio and much more. This all means that you can easily record any activity you might be performing and any transition like playing HD video, even if you use Retina display.

Besides recording, this application also lets you edit videos and prepare them for sharing. ScreenFlow features all of the needed editing features, which are very user-friendly and intuitive. In case you haven’t used this type of application in past, learning curve is very small and you should be ready to start working and upgrading your knowledge effortlessly.

We were surprised by how much editing capabilities this application offers. You can easily rearrange clips using timeline, add transitions, apply audio and video effects, add text, and fine-tune video features like blurring, clipping and highlighting. Newest version also brings support for closed captioning.

Finally, you can share your videos directly within ScreenFlow. You can also export it by using one of the numerous preloaded export settings, or you can fine-tune each of the available options.


  1. Have tried their latest release and loving it. definitely one of the best screen recorder app for mac. also their editing tools some extra time to learn but totally worth it. If you also know any good alternatives still, do reply here.

    Thank you.



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