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PROS: Very capable photo editing application, which offers basic and advanced photo editing features. Very user friendly and easy to use. Affordable.
CONS: None.

Ever since the original iOS App Store appeared, photo editing applications became hugely popular and successful. First simple photo editors became available for iPhone, but this trend became mainstream once iPad was introduced. iPad is a perfect device for this type of applications, since it gives you very intuitive ways to control your image and apply effects, which is something that we haven’t witnessed before. Once Apple introduced Mac App Store, many of these applications were rewritten so they can work on Mac OS X, and many of them proved to be a huge success.

Most of these applications offer basic and somewhat advanced photo editing capabilities, which makes them user-friendly and much more approachable than some other popular photo editing applications, like Photoshop. What’s different between these applications and Photoshop, is that these applications are aimed to be used by an average user who doesn’t have a knowledge of working in a complex application like Photoshop actually is.

In this article we are bringing you a review of one of the most interesting photo editing applications for Mac OS X, called Snapseed. You’re most likely somewhat familiar with this app, since it was first developed for iOS devices and it was a huge success for Nik software, a developer company who stands behind this creation.

Snapseed for Mac OS X offers familiar interface which is not much different than the one in iOS versions. In order to get started, all you need to do is to drag-and-drop a photo onto the open Snapseed window. This will open its main window where you will see a set of icons on the left side, which are symbols of different types of adjustments and effects that you can apply. Few icons on the top are basic adjustments like color enhancements, the ability to crop and straighten your image as well as to adjust some other details. The rest of them could be referred to as creative adjustments, and this is something that makes Snapseed unique.

These creative adjustments let you create Black & White photo, center focus of your image, add drama effect (change various color moods), insert a tilt-shift feature, and finally add some frames. There are also some other mood-enhancing features like Vintage and Grunge, all of which you can fine-tune up to their smallest bits. All of these features are applied the same way as with iOS edition, where you drag up-and-down or left-to-right to apply effect and then increase/decrease its intensity.

Snapseed is unique and so popular because it is not a classic photo editor. It easily gives your photos a certain shine or a mood which is hard to explain. And the best thing is that it’s so fun to use it, and you don’t have to have any previous knowledge.

Snapseed could be purchased through Mac App Store for $19.99.


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