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PROS: Somewhat easy to use. Very large amount of preloaded content, ready to be used and easily edited.

CONS: Interface seems cluttered. Limited in many functions.

If you take a look at the most popular application in the Mac App Store, you’ll see that one particular kind of application always tends to take high ranked spot. Those are simple applications, which are made to replace some professional grade software, by providing some type of interesting feature. For example, you’ll see that there are many photo editors which are very popular, yet these photo editors usually offer one prominent feature like adding tilt-shift effect, decorative borders, or creating collages. As you can see, you can do all of these operations within Photoshop (or some other professional application), but these small apps are very affordable, user friendly and offer exactly what they’re made for.

One of these applications is Art Text, created by Belight Software. This application is constantly in the top 50 of bestselling applications, and most importantly, it has plenty of very positive reviews. These are the reasons why I decided to take it for a try, and to see if Art Text 2 is worth the money.

Art Text 2 is actually created to replace Photoshop and Illustrator, in many ways. It offers creation of decorative text, as well as different kinds of graphics such as icons, buttons, and logos. It comes with some interesting features, and a lot of preloaded content, which seems to be the biggest selling point.

Once you get to its main window, you’ll see that this application offers many features. You’ll see your drawing, or the main working area, which is surrounded by icons, drop down menus, and sliders. It seems like Belight Software has its own approach to interface design, which I find outdated. We recently reviewed one of their other popular applications, called Live Interior, which also tends to overwhelm a user by the amount of graphical elements. On the other hand, this means that Art Text 2 does have a lot of usable features, but they should be separated a little better, like in Photoshop for example.

By reading a lot of user reviews for Art Text 2, I got a clear idea that users tend to appreciate how much preloaded content they get. There’s actually 360 customizable templates, for all kinds of graphics. Besides this, you get 600 vector icons and shapes which you can simply drag and drop. Finally, there’s over 250 materials like glass, metal, or plastic, which could be directly applied to any part of your graphics. This is all very nice, and it’s clear that this application is actually made for those who would simply like to mix preloaded shapes and icons, add some texture or materials, and get a finished product.

The main problem with Art Text 2 is that I can easily recognize if some graphics is created by using this type of software. Same goes for anyone who spent some time working in Photoshop or Illustrator. What you can do with this application is limited, and graphics tend to be shiny, sketchy, and over the top.

In case you would like to take some time and create graphics from scratch, I would recommend going for a bit more professional software. This will give you an option to fine tune all of the features and master a skill which could be profitable later on.

You can purchase Art Text 2 using Mac App Store for roughly $40 (currently on a sale for $20), which does seem a bit overpriced.


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