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PROS: Classic design and quality made. Very good audio performance.

CONS: Obsolete by today’s range of wireless speakers.

As iPhone and iPad became popular, a large number of 3rd party accessories flooded the market. Even though it might seem like these devices are enough by themselves, you won’t feel their real power until you buy a wireless speaker, or a good pair of headphones, for example. The truth is that Apple made a lot of empty space for companies who are challenged to create innovative and original products which will appeal to consumers. Many companies found a success in this.

Besides skins and cases, which are relatively inexpensive, bestselling iPad accessories along with wireless speakers and docks. Wireless speakers utilize Apple’s AirPlay technology to stream music wirelessly, without losing any quality, and they can be also accessed from any iOS device. On the other hand, docks for iPad are needed if you plan on using this tablet with a physical keyboard, so it’s essential to have a quality dock which will keep iPad in place and at a right angle. There’s also third kind of accessories, which actually combines speakers and docks, and such product came from a company called Scosche.

Scosche’s BassDOCK is a speaker, which is also used as a dock for your iPad (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation). This is interesting product category, which we didn’t have a chance to see that often. If you think about it for a second, you can see all the challenges these products need to face in order to become successful. They need to be big enough to produce quality sound, but they shouldn’t be too big, since this speaker and a dock will become unusable. This is why I was eager to see what BassDOCK can offer.

At a first sight, this product seems interesting, even though I’ve seen more appealing speaker design in past. Still, its classic design serves its purpose. It is relatively small, with only 7×7 inches in its base (17.7×17.7cm). This means that you can easily move it around, and place it onto almost any hard surface. It’s made of plastic, with aluminum grill and some nice finishing touches, and feels really nice under the fingers. Since this is not a wireless speaker, it also houses iPad’s dock. You can attach your iPad and it will stick firmly, and you can also use it in portrait and landscape mode.

This product is not made to replace wireless speaker, but it’s actually made to replace old-fashioned stereo devices, where you now get iPad with its shiny screen, from where you play your music, through a powerful speaker. Speaking of its performance, it is amazingly good, especially in its price range. Sound is very clear, bass is quite noticeable, and volume fills up even the large rooms.

All in all, this is an interesting product. Still, it is not clear where its position in a today’s market should be, since wireless speakers are now very affordable and they allow you to use your iPad and carry it around the house, which is not something you can do with BassDOCK. On the other hand, iPad is too much expensive to be used as a replacement for an expensive touch screen on your new stereo system.


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