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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Free of charge. Easy to use.

CONS: Bugs and crashes. Detection rate is a bit problematic.

One of the biggest discussion points between Mac OS X and Windows users is a claim that Mac simply can’t get infected with a virus. This was actually one of its strongest selling points for many years, which brought much needed initial attention at the times when Windows struggled with viruses and malware. Time has proven that Mac OS X is actually immune to virus attacks, and it’s much safer than Windows in those areas. Still, it can get infected with malware, which could exploit your browsing habits and your personal information, which should be a big concern.

The main difference between the way how Windows and Macs can get infected is that you can only get infected on your Mac if you download and install an application which comes with malware code. This means that you need to type in your password during installation, which opens up root access. You can avoid this by installing apps from trusted sources, like the Mac App Store, but most of us like to explore on our own and try to find an application which finally proves to be malware infected. This is why there are some antiviruses specially made for Mac OS X, using which you can target and eliminate malware code.

In this article we’ll review Virus Scanner, by a well-known Bitdefender, which you can download from the Mac App Store for free. This antivirus could be considered as a light version of Bitdefender’s Antivirus for Mac, which is a premium product. We are reviewing 2.2 version of Virus Scanner, which weighs 121MB if you use Mac App Store to download it.

Virus Scanner is a nicely designed application, which comes with Mac-friendly interface design. The main window will show you when the last time you performed a scan was, and it will give your four large buttons which represent four different types of scans. By clicking on one of these buttons, an automated scan will begin, even though you can use Preference pane to set-up options for each of them.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner is able to do a four types of scans: critical locations scan, entire system scan, as well as running applications and custom locations scan. This pretty much covers all of the areas of Mac OS X, so it should be sufficient to catch any malware. Bitdefender also says that a list of virus signatures is being updates every hour, which means that you should be always up to date against the latest threats.

On paper, this antivirus should be a perfect companion for your Mac OS X. But, once you start using it you’ll see that things are not as advertised. Many users complained about crashes, which I also experienced, up to the point where it was very annoying. Also, specialists who tested efficiency of this antivirus were not very satisfied and gave it only a mediocre grade.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner is a helpful free antivirus, which performs nicely up to some point. There are some bugs and crashes, but you might not even encounter them, if you’re lucky enough.


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