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PROS: Visually pleasing. Features fully capacitive touchscreen. Powerful connectivity. Nice print quality.

CONS: Printing costs are high in case you use a full 6-ink system. On the other hand, any other setup or try to save on costs will greatly reflect on print quality.

Canon is known for high quality printers for home and office environments, where you can always get reliable quality and reasonable printing price. Probably the most popular line of home multifunction printers is Canon’s Pixma MG series and in this article we’ll be reviewing its latest model, named MG6320.

Pixma MG6320 is multifunction printer, which means that you can print regular documents, photos, and you can also scan. It features well-known shape and silhouette, which come with some improvements over the previous generation. Beveled shape create recognizable silhouette and it is nice to see a printer with unique aesthetic features, instead of a common stereotypic shape. Perhaps the biggest visual change, over the predecessor, is 3.5 touchscreen which works very well and gives plenty of options. Since you can use it over Wi-Fi, it is important to have a touchscreen and visually pleasing software with gives overview of all printing features. Besides having a new set of controls, MG6320 also changed the way of paper handling. You can still use its front side, which easily opens up, and is able to hold 125 sheets of paper, and there’s also photo tray which is able to hold 20 sheets of standard sized photo paper. Difference between this model and its predecessor is in the absence of rear feed, which surely is a good decision. This way it’s much easier to handle the paper from only one side, and it gives you some extra space on your desk.

MG6320 features three types of connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. This means that you can use it in various situations, and most importantly, you can remove all of the cable mess. Installation on Mac OS X is pretty much straightforward, and Canon also offers its set of software used to control print and scan jobs.

MG6320 doesn’t only bring changes in its aesthetics, since it implements new 6-ink system, and it uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, as well as photo black and photo gray in addition. Depending on what kind of documents you need to print, you can supply all of the colors, or only those which are necessary. This reflects on printing costs, naturally. In comparison to other multifunction printer, printing costs are average, unless you also add photo black and photo gray which will make it a bit pricier. Nevertheless, full 6-ink system should be used only on photo paper, where it gives premium results.

It is also important to test a performance of a printer, which shows how much pages you can print for a minute and what kind of quality you can expect. Tests showed that you can expect 7.5 text pages per minute on a Mac OS X, while it prints 2.7 photos using plain paper, and 1 photo using glossy paper. These results are average for an all-in-one printer. Printing quality is as expected from Canon, and the colors are very sharp and crisp.

You can purchase Pixma MG6320 from Canon’s official website for $150, which is a pretty good deal.


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